According to weather forecasts, hot weather will return to the capital by the weekend. Extremely high temperatures can be dangerous for Pets. To protect them help simple rules.

the Main danger for the animals in summer — heat stroke. To avoid this, pet need to take in a cool or well ventilated room..

the animal should always be fresh, cool water. It is also recommended to carefully monitor the quality of forage: in the summer it’s especially wet or cooked at home, spoil a lot faster.

an Important condition in the heat — mode trips. Best suited to morning and evening, and noon it is better to wait at home. At this time is to eliminate all physical activity.

Another method to save pet from heat to cut it. Seasonal mowing will help to regulate heat transfer and to maintain the health of the animal. You should also remember that many breeds of cats and dogs need regular grooming, regardless of the season.

the Main signs of heat stroke the animal — lethargy, severe shortness of breath with his tongue hanging out, shaking. In this case, the pet should be allowed to drink fresh water and take him to a cool room. You can also omit his paws in cool water.

animal Watering from a hose with strong pressure is not necessary — so it can be SuperCool or traumatize.

Cats, rabbits, Guinea pigs and hamsters lowered in water is not necessary even in hot weather to avoid stress. Small rodents can pour water into the basin so that it was placed only feet. Reptiles is enough to turn off the heating lamp and leave only the ultraviolet light.

For advice on pet care and veterinary services possible to consult veterinary specialists, enrolling online at or calling the doctor on the phone: +7 (495) 612-04-25.