Poker requires mental focus and determination. You may think that everyone knows how to play Poker, well some people may not know how to play the game. If you come across a friend or a family member that does not know how to play Poker you may need to teach them. There is a difference between teaching a person and playing Poker at online casinos. Here are the tips that you can follow when teaching someone how to play Poker.

Avoid Throwing Too Much at Them Too Fast

Throwing too much at someone who does not know how to play the game may be overwhelming to them which is why you need to avoid that. They may forget what you told them in the middle of the game and that might be a problem. You should give them the most important details first. This may be telling them what they need to do, for example tell them they need to keep their cards face down.

Select One Type of Poker, Maybe Start with Texas Hold’Em

Do not t0ry to teach them many variations of Poker games in one day, instead pick one that you will teach them. Texas Hold’Em is a good Poker variation to start with. It is simple and it is popular as well. After you are done teaching them Texas Hold’Em, move on to another variation, for example Stud Poker. Try to compare the rules of the two games. That way they will understand the games better.

Get a Hand Chat

The hand chat will show your Poker student the strength of each hand that they have. For example three of a kind is weaker than a flush and one pair is weaker than two pairs. You can then go over each hand explaining them to your Poker student.

Teach Them About When To Bet

Teaching them when to bet is very important. It is important for them to know who bets first and last.