As we understand it?

the Club is meeting. A Cup of coffee or a glass of tea (of your choice) with limited travel around the city and the planet itself provides you. Guests – in our and your choice – we will provide.

the World begins to thaw. Already you can walk in a radius. Already earned Shoe shops. But as Time goes on Uncut. And here to help you – our virtual club. In it, the idea is that anything is possible. For virtual there is no distance and boundaries, we can ZOOM in one frame to reduce Director from Moscow with an actor from Vladivostok or St. Petersburg, composer of Kineshma with the singer of the Yakut academic Opera, you can see troupes of theatres in Novosibirsk or Ekaterinburg, can even watch performances, which otherwise neither Muscovite nor from Irkutsk will never see.

Unable to meet with the film Director-hero of the day and see his retrospective. To open a forgotten urn, where was immured the whole of the Russian cinema of the 90s, when the cinema was converted into furniture showrooms and hundreds of movies shot then disappeared from the public eye without a trace. To look at the forgotten masterpieces of the Great Silent and to speak with a knowledgeable person. And most importantly, can work together to discuss concerns all of us.

but you never know what you can do in this Club, which will bring together talents.

the Frequency of our meetings is difficult to determine – it depends on how events will unfold, and in many ways – from how you react to the appearance of the video club, whether you find it interesting. For this purpose, as in the days of the festival “Double two”, will run a forum where viewers can Express their views and make suggestions about topics for new meetings.

But we will do everything that they were regular.

Each new release of the video club will remain in access, and together these meetings will be our collection of talent and events.

And first release – on Thursday June 4 at 19 PM Moscow time on the website Anticipating all the very serious discussions that lie ahead, he, as befits a pilot, a test ball is spotted: frivolous and sometimes even fun.

He was given – who would doubt! our fetish last months: isolation. Everyone spends it in their own way: someone reads Pushkin, someone stroking a cat, someone mercilessly eating the bread, someone with his inherent zeal teaches Japanese. Heroes of the first issue, a young theater and cinema actor Danila Shevchenko and costume designer Catherine Barynina – managed and in tough conditions self-imprisonment to do a movie where Daniel appeared as the “man of a thousand faces”, single-handedly playing all the roles. And here its world gala premiere! We will see this film, learn how it was done, as the actor enters into the role and how to make the withdrawal safer for themselves and society. Will be another guest – Director Hovhannes Petan, it is familiar to spectators of festival “the Double DV@” Comedy “Fake”, which received the Grand Prix in the category of short films. It is in the “Fake” we first met with the character of the issue Danila-master. It is “Fake” and complete our night. Be with us!