In the near future in the capital rain is expected in places strong. In some areas of possible thunderstorms and hail. Gusts may reach 12-17 meters per second. These weather conditions will continue until the end of the day.

the Citizens should be more careful. The wind can damage power lines and drop precarious structures and trees. Increases the probability of occurrence of congestion. Drivers are advised to adhere strictly to traffic rules and not to make sudden maneuvers. The car is better to put in the garage or in covered Parking lots.

to Report the accumulation of water in round-the-clock Central dispatching service of Mosvodostok and leave a request to call the brigade by phone.

If the flooded area around the house, you can also contact:

in the district Council (contact information is on the site Council);

— in the Prefecture County (contact information can be found on the website of the Prefecture);

— in a single control center by phone.

you can Also file a complaint through the portal of “Our town” (see “Flooding the local area”) or call the hotline of the Association of administrative-technical inspections:.