Recall that in late March the Russian government has warned citizens against overseas travel, however, many tourists wanted to still fly on the paid ticket. Now the situation is mirrored: the border is not opened, the foreign Ministry and the Ministry of transport continue to evacuate thousands of “stuck” compatriots from different parts of the globe, but many are already thinking about where to go on vacation. “RG” resembles what the popular resorts turned out to be “traps” for tourists.

a Classic example is Thailand. In the second half of March, when many countries began to close, the most popular resorts Asian Kingdom continued to entice travelers from around the world. Thai Prime Minister prayut Chan-OCHA has assured that there is no state of emergency here will not enter, however, on March 26 this happened. Thousands of foreigners appeared again on the Paradise Islands almost illegal immigrants with expiring visas and everything else without food and even the opportunity to go to the beach due to strict quarantine rules. Some were completely evicted from hotels. Export flights from Bangkok and other cities of Thailand in the Russian Federation continues to this day.

In the second half of March, 1800 Russian citizens stuck in Montenegro. There are several airlines were ready to send them the boards, but Podgorica has put Moscow unspoken ultimatum. According to TASS, the idea was that the Russian side free brought to Tivat about fifty Montenegrins, which were not even collected in one place. Meanwhile, Russian tourists were left without water, food, shelter and essential medicines.

“This should be a lesson for all, as in a difficult moment for the world humanitarian point country behaves irresponsibly. Not as a state, and some education. This should be an example of how to act can not, – said official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. – Something that allows itself to Montenegro, goes beyond all limits.”

Only after lengthy negotiations managed to organize export of aircraft for the Russians.

No less dramatic has been the history of minority groups who were in the midst of the pandemic in exotic parts of the world. The most notorious was the epic two-month “confinement” about two dozen of our citizens on the Pacific island of Fiji, which ended successfully a few days ago. At the end of April in Bali and Thailand flew the aircraft of the airline Utair, which was ready to pick up and “Fijians”. The decision of the authorities of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district who were directly involved in the flight organization, it was decided to make free for passengers. “On Board was taken 6 crews, so no overnight stays to make a forced March to two Asiancountries and make an extra hook in Fiji! So… When the Board has already arrived in Asia and was ready to take a course in Fiji at the last moment the local authorities have refused permission for the flight, citing the impossibility of cancellation caused by a coronavirus quarantine measures”, did not hide disappointment in the Russian foreign Ministry.

On Smolensk square admit a happy ending to this story eventually became possible thanks to not only the hard and caring work of a team of professionals and prosperous circumstances, and even in some sense a miracle, which could not be. “All these schemes depended on a million circumstances that should develop every single: visas, transit, dock, meeting, Finance. Two days in manual mode thanks to the work of our colleagues in the embassies of Russia in Australia, Qatar and Italy group of 18 people led by flight to Rome, where they waited for the export of Russian plane with hundreds of Russians,” – said Zakharov.