Jessica Wells, the singer’s wife shared the sad news on Facebook earlier in this week.

Thomas Wells, a former contestant on “The X Factor,” was killed earlier this month, November 13. He was 46.

Jessica Wells, Jessica’s wife, shared the sad news on Friday, Nov. 26 via Facebook, writing: “I will always cherish you babe!” You are the most amazing man in the world. !”

“Until we meet again, you sing with the angels!” She continued, “Thomas Matthew Wells 9-2-1975-11-13-2021.”

A nearly five minute video was included with the heartbreaking message. It marked the first time she had visited his grave since his death. Wells shared with tears details about her husband’s passing, as well as a touching story about her time in the hospital.

“I feel it’s impossible to believe, but it’s true. She said that Thomas was my best friend… It’s difficult to explain.” “Thomas’s passing was the hardest day of my life but the greatest day of my entire life. “Midnight Cry” was his song that I heard an hour before he died.

Wells described the day her husband died, saying, “When I returned to the hospital, Aunt Becky had already been up there with him. She came and got me, and she said that they needed me to talk and that something was wrong.”

She said that his condition was rapidly deteriorating. His body was shutting down due to a lack of oxygen. Organs and systems were not functioning properly. It’s difficult to explain. It was obvious that something was wrong as his blood pressure was rapidly dropping.

She claimed that the group was praying with her husband while she sang “I Can Only Imagine” during that time.

She said that they were praying for a miracle to help him survive. But the miracle was not what she expected. So while we were praying for him, I was praying to God that he would save me. You can do miracles, but let him be okay. As we played his song, I felt a strange sensation in my stomach. I could feel my heart beating and I heard the words, “My child, he is home.” Your heart may be heavy but you can still lean on him because he’s home.

Wells said that she didn’t know she was saying it out loud until Becky revealed that she not just said it but shouted it throughout the room.

She said, “Once that occurred, I felt the entire room lift just a bit, like everyone’s relief at knowing he was okay. “That’s why it was the worst day in my life because I lost my husband. But, it was the best day in my life because God assured me that he was home.

Wells concluded the message with an emotional statement, saying, “And 100,000,000% that Thomas will be up there waiting for you.” “So, I wanted to just document that this Thursday, Thanksgiving 2021 is his favorite holiday.

His obituary states that the couple met in 2003 and married on October 29, 2004. The couple did not have children, but they lived in Oklahoma together with their three dogs, Charlie, Zoey, and Chloe. His parents, Ricky Dean and Rosemary Dean, his grandmother, Pat Dean and grandparents Gayle and Bettye Shockley are also survivors.

He competed on “The X Factor” as well as “America’s Got Talent” and “The Winner Is” throughout the years.

Wells spoke with E! on Saturday, November 27. In a deeply personal interview, Wells shares her grief about her husband’s death.

She explained that it was a work-related accident. It caused him to lose oxygen to his brain, which led to his body kind of failing.”

Wells stated that she is certain that her husband would prefer his music to “go on” above everything else.

“I want to concentrate on his music, his love for family and God. He loved America. She said that he was a true patriot. He was an amazing, unique individual. He was my best friend and my first boyfriend. We were together for 17 years. I don’t think we ever separated except when he took part in ‘The X Factor’.

TODAY reached out to him for more information. If we receive any additional information, we will update this article.