Covid-19 is a fascinating phenomenon. A microscopic Virus has done it, the whole planet paralyze us completely to ourselves not to be thrown back. Now we can not escape the conflicts which we had with others and with ourselves, longer. The distraction possibilities – going to work, going out, cheating – are collapsing. It is also a curse, because it is painful and a blessing, because it allows us to finally see and change the things that we should change a long time ago. In particular, our shameful treatment of nature, but also with the medicine. If we are wise, we will be Covid-19 later, very grateful.

In your case, the Virus has disclosed that she and her husband suffer from significant Communication. Although you are staying in the same apartment, write him a message, than to have a talk with him, and, after the response, nothing more, to break the Silence, and her life has certainly been affected prior to the pandemic. However, couples who do not talk to each other have to say to each other only in the rarest of cases, nothing to – usually they would not discuss the contrary, very much to know how to start, and waiting for the other one finally does it. Maybe it helps you for yourself to find out what’s on your mind. Write your husband a letter with all the things you want to say to him in a long time. And then you sit down in front of him and read him this letter. This will cost tremendous amount of courage, but many times to bring healing. Consider this: The pandemic will eventually be overcome. Even without your Intervention. Your emotional Distress but not.