Below is a list curated by The Associated Press’ entertainment reporters of what’s on TV, streaming services, and music platforms this week.


Director Coodie Simmons, and Chike Ozah document Kanye West’s amazing journey over 20-years in the multi-part documentary “jeenyuhs” . The new installments of Netflix’s are being released in parts. Part one of the documentary, which is available on Netflix Wednesday, shows Ye not yet well-known and struggling to make a name. His friends document his every move as well as his sweet relationship with Donda, his mother, before his life was changed by “College Dropout” (2004). A new episode of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” will be available on Netflix Wednesday. Leatherface, a former student at Texas High School, returns to terrorize unlucky people after 50 years. It stars Elsie Fisher, a breakout star from “Eighth Grade.”

Tim Roth and Charlotte Gainsbourg play wealthy relatives on vacation in a resort near Acapulco. This episode of Michel Franco’s “Sundown” will be available on VOD starting February 17. The holiday is cut short by a family tragedy, but Roth’s character Neil remains behind, claiming he left his passport at the hotel. It soon becomes apparent that he doesn’t intend to return to normal life. Franco does an excellent job of balancing beachside ennui and increasing tension. It’s “The White Lotus” meets “Somewhere.”

Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman series continues with a prequel “The King’s Man,” that is just as violent, vulgar, and manic as the others but only based around World War I. It stars the always charming Ralph Fiennes. This is a marked improvement on the sequel, in which Julianne Moore served a human hamburger to someone. However, it also crosses the awkward line of using historical context for its own irreverent sensibility. You can watch it on Hulu Friday, February 18.

— AP Film Writer Lindsey Bahr


Friday, February 18th: Texas rock reigns supreme Leon Bridges, a singer and songwriter from Fort Worth, joins Houston trio Khruangbin for “Texas Moon,” their follow-up EP to the acclaimed “Texas Sun,” which was released in 2020. Bridges describes it as “more introspective” while Khruangbin bassist Laura Lee claims it “feels more evening time.”

On Friday, February 18, Yoko Ono will turn 89. Some admirers have a birthday present: “Ocean Child Songs of Yoko Ono,” an album of 14 tracks featuring covers by artists such as Yo La Tengo and Sharon Van Etten. Ben Gibbard is the guitarist and lead vocalist of Death Cab for Cutie. It’s hard to believe that people will shrug off this music and just walk away. Gibbard told The Associated Press that Gibbard believes it is too wonderful to ignore.


“The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel” will return Friday, February 18, for its fourth season on Amazon Prime Video. This means Miriam Midge’ (Rachel Brosnahan), can make her own comeback. She was fired abruptly from a gig when she last appeared, but she is now ready to get her mojo back. “You know what is great about me?” Manager Susie (Alex Borstein) tells her that it’s when she’s ME. “Every single show, it’s when I’m ME,” she says to manager Susie (Alex Borstein). Reunion is central for the stars of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s “Gilmore Girls,” with Kelly Bishop, Milo Ventimiglia, and perhaps briefly, Kelly Bishop the latest members to join the Maisel fun.

Two presidents are the reason for a three-day weekend in America. Please pay attention to them. “Lincoln’s Dilemma” will be available on Apple TV+ Friday, February 18. It will examine “a complex man in the context and his time” as well as tell the story about those who were captured in slavery. Jeffrey Wright plays the role of Bill Camp, while Leslie Odom Jr. portrays Frederick Douglass, an abolitionist. Jump to the 20th Century for CNN’s “LBJ – Triumph and Tragedy”, a documentary about Lyndon Baines Johnson that airs at 9 p.m. EST on Sunday and Monday, February 20 and 21. Interviews with people close to Johnson and archive broadcast material tell the story about Johnson’s revolutionary social policies and wartime catastrophe.

Harold Perrineau, the actor of “Lost,” had success with a series with one-word titles before. Perhaps the combination sci-fi/horror series “From” will be successful. The Epix drama, which debuts Sunday, February 20, is anything but lucky. They are trapped in a “nightmarish” town in middle America and face terrifying creatures that emerge from the woods after dark. Jack Bender, Jeff Pinker and other “Lost” alums are also among the producers. Perrineau is the leader of the ensemble cast that includes Catalina Sandino Moreno and Eion Bailey.