The Flemish government to set top level Karine Moykens as a crisis manager for the state of the residential care centres (homes). It will be a task force to lead, which is the plan of the Flemish minister of well-being, Wouter Beke (CD&V). must arise from this approach. That tells you The Time of Wednesday evening.

The plan should be clear on the condition of the homes, which have been severely hit by the coronacrisis. There is a lot of grumbling about the policy. This should include not only a lack of testing, material and personnel, but there is no clear-cut strategy.

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The crisis manager is in accordance with The Time-Karine Moykens, the secretary-general of the Flemish department of Welfare, public health and Health professions, and, therefore, the head of the administration of Wouter Beke. Moykens a CD&V to school. She was previously head of cabinet of Jo Vandeurzen, the predecessor of the Beke. It was in 2019 and declared the overheidsmanager of the year.

There are more than 11,000 coronatests is divided into the Flemish residential care centres. The newspapers are reporting Wednesday night that the Beke, a list was released with the 85 residential care centres where they are tested. The priority is according to The Standard, the 55 in residential care centres, which, at the time of the selection, with the highest concentration of sick people, which is the highest proportion of sick members of staff, or a combination of both.

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