Dmitry Iskhakov and Polina Gagarina

Parting the 33-year-old singer Polina Gagarina and her 42-year-old wife, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, remains one of the most discussed topics in the Russian show business this summer. That the couple is planning to divorce, it became known in may, and then Iskhakov has confirmed that along with Gagarina they are no longer living. The singer only recently touched on this subject in the show, “Sure, Bob!” on YouTube.

Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov

In the press appeared information about the fact that Polina and Dmitry already has a new relationship. But I think to end this story before — at least, it suggests itself to answer this question.

the Star photographer for a long time tries himself in the role of the poet, and tonight shared with subscribers a new poem, which is obviously dedicated to Polina Gagarina.

And at the moment triupmh, and is in trouble, I hand held. Together we walked the Earth. You sang, I was filming

— wrote Dmitry.

the poem Ends with this line:

Together and the mountain does not matter and it is not the end.

So many users decided that Iskhakov still reluctant to part with the Gagarin and hopes for a family reunion.

From the heart is felt in every word.

Dim, soul with you! Worried like his drama, let everything goes!

Not the end! You need to make peace!

— supported Dmitry subscribers.

the Poem appeared on the blog Iskhakova right after the media reported about an alleged new lover photographer. The other day Dmitri noticed in the company of a brunette with a baby on the era. Polina Gagarina credited relationship with sound-producer Vladimir Tinaevym.