the fancy “Bares für Rares”Star and Amateur photographer posted on Thursday a confusing photo. Showing him how is he doing in a national Park in Namibia snapshots of the surroundings. Just stupid that he’s sitting on a stone, on the Stay in your Car”, what means as much as “Stay in your car is: “”.

user complains: “This is illegal in Namibia”

The Post caused many users indignation. “Why do people like you always think that you are allowed to break the rules,” writes a user who lives in Namibia. A user writes at all: “This is illegal in Namibia. We like here, not tourists, who do not follow our rules.“

puffs, But also had followers in this country, Bald incomprehension. “Very reckless, not a good example,” commented a user of the photo. Another declared Bald, as he should have done: “The photo you can make out the window of the Camper.”

Kahl admits: “I went with my Post a little too far”

finally On Friday, the “Bares für Rares”dealer responded on the criticism. “I went with my yesterday’s Post a little too far,” admits the 28-Year-old to its 80,000 Facebook Fans. “I want to apologize.”

The campers have only been a few metres from the stone that his mother had made the photo of him. As a photographer of the deeds had the urge to shoot good pictures, sometimes great. “‘Stay in your Car’ is, of course, ‘Stay in your Car’,” says Kahl. “I was with this photo is not a good role model, to me is now aware and I thank you for your harsh but fair criticism.” Interceptor battle: Spahn-testimony to the protection of mask deliveries can be deep-FOCUS Online/Wochit interceptor combat: Spahn look-testimony to the protection of mask deliveries can look deep