the President of Brazil Air of Bolsonaro held on Thursday a video conference with representatives of the business community of the state of são Paulo is the engine of economic growth of Brazil. He urged them to put pressure on the Governor, joão Doria, not to allow him to enter quarantine in the state.

"One man determines the future state of são Paulo. It determines the future of the Brazilian economy. You, with all due respect, should call the Governor and put pressure on him. To put pressure on him, because this is a serious issue. It is a war. At stake is Brazil", – said the President of the entrepreneurs.

Over the past two weeks at least 25 Brazilian cities have announced the imposition of quarantine. Somewhere it was limited to the installation of checkpoints at the entrances to settlements and cessation of all economic activities except essential. And somewhere residents and even forbidden to go outside, with the exception of trips to the hospital or to the store for food.

Today at the epicenter of the epidemic of coronavirus in Brazil – são Paulo- have more than a quarter of all cases in the country and about one-third of all deaths from COVID-19. The Governor of the state of são Paulo, joão Doria for a week trying to negotiate with the inhabitants of the region who are tired of sitting at home, on the observance of the regime of self-isolation, each time extending the already introduced restrictive measures. The word quarantine while he carefully uses only to warn in the first place, residents of large cities in the state. However, in contrast to ordinary Brazilians, promises to close all that does not belong to vital services, rather scared of the Federal government and entrepreneurs.

"once again, the President of Bolsonaro ceased to protect the health of Brazilians to attack those who work to protect lives. He prefers rallies, riding on a water scooter, training on shooting and barbecue. In the meantime, thousands of Brazilians die from coronavirus," replied Doria President on his page on Twitter, reminding his followers that on Saturday, when the Brazilian crossed the line in the ten thousand dead from COVID-19, J. Bolsonaro rested at his residence, riding a water scooter.

Brazil is among the six leaders on spread of coronavirus infection and mortality rates from this disease. The total number of cases this week, Brazil surpassed Germany and France. According to the Ministry of health of Brazil on may 14, the country was about 203 thousand cases of infection COVID-19. A number of victims of the disease was nearly 14 thousand people.

According to the Ministry, the prospects of stabilizing the situation or slow the spread of the coronavirus in Brazil in the foreseeable future.