Music-industry marketplace and freelancing platform, Gemtracks, is continuing to see growth in Austin.

Within the past year, the website grew from 15,000 daily visitors to more than 20,000.

Founded by DJ Jesse Neo in 2016, Gemtracks is known for giving recording artists access to instrumental beats, session songwriters, recording studios and music curators. At the same time, established professionals in the music industry can offer their services.

There is also a thriving community on the website for artists to rate each other’s music and exchange advice.

“I think what makes Gemtracks stand out from other marketplaces is that everything can only be sold once,” Jesse explained. “This means the buyer will get the full copyright of everything they commission, and the seller will be able to charge higher prices.”

Already, more than 5,000 users from Austin have registered on the website, and are actively collaborating with the international community to produce and market new songs.

“Gemtracks’ mark in the industry is to continuously innovate and use technology to seamlessly streamline the music creation process and allow more people, regardless of their background, to be creative,” the DJ continued. “Right now, many of the freelancers we have on Gemtracks have worked with international brands like Disney, Sony and Warner Music. This means new artists can be sure they will be working with the top talents.”

A local artist, by the name of Stipo is currently using Gemtracks to create his new album, called “Without the Out”.

As of this year, the platform introduced a web builder for musicians to create their own websites and run their own music businesses. Gemtracks remain in the backend that stores all files and process all transactions.