U.S. Department of defense has no evidence of “collusion” between Moscow and the Taliban* reported by the American media. This was stated at the Pentagon. An earlier edition of the New York Times has released an article stating that Russian special services allegedly paid to the Taliban cash rewards for killing coalition soldiers, headed by the USA. While Donald trump “aware” about the actions of the Russian Federation, but has not taken any steps. Moscow and Washington have denied the information. However, analysts believe that the Democrats will spin this story to hurt the image of the American President before the November election.

The Pentagon has no evidence of “collusion” between Russia and the Taliban*. This was stated by the official representative of Department Jonathan Hoffman.

“the defense Department continues to examine intelligence information that Russian GRU officers were engaged in malicious activity against U.S. forces and the coalition in Afghanistan. To date, the Ministry of defence no supporting evidence for the recognition of credible recent allegations contained in open sources,” reads the statement of the Pentagon.

As noted by Hoffman, the Pentagon has taken seriously to question the safety of American forces in Afghanistan and around the world.

In turn, Deputy Secretary General of NATO Mircea Geoana, called on Russia to “more constructive policy” on Afghanistan. The representative of the Alliance also emphasized that stability in this country in the interests not only of the US and NATO.

Previously, the newspaper The New York Times, citing anonymous US intelligence officials published an article alleging that the Russian side had allegedly offered a reward associated with the Taliban militants for attacks on the United States military and coalition operating in Afghanistan. According to the publication, head of the White house Donald trump was informed about this, but the presidential administration has not taken any action. In this case the material does not provide evidence relevant theses. According to the NYT, the information obtained by American intelligence agencies during interrogations of captured “rebels.”

the response

It should be noted that the data of the American newspaper has denied in the United States, Russia and Afghanistan.

Thus, 28 Jun Donald trump accused The New York Times of lying, noting that the authors of the material are not able to provide any evidence that would say about the truth of the publication.

“The distributors of fake news from The New York Times must reveal their “anonymous source”. But they can’t because this “person”, it seems, does not exist!” — wrote the American leader on his Twitter page.

Trump also calledl customized NYT article and said that nobody told him about the relations of Russia with the Taliban.

On the same day the head of the N. I. USA John Ratcliffe has also denied reports in the American media.

“I have confirmed that neither the US President nor the Vice President was briefed on intelligence, referenced in your yesterday’s article the newspaper The New York Times” — noted the official Twitter of the head of the intelligence services.

A day later, trump said that the United States intelligence not found credible information about the alleged involvement of the Russian side, the deaths of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and therefore are not reported this information to him. The White house said that the US intelligence community no unified position about the veracity of recent media reports related to the activities of Russia in Afghanistan.

The Russian side also stated that the information provided by the journalists of the NYT, not true.

29 June a spokesman for the Russian President Dmitry Peskov in an interview with NBC News called “nonsense” allegations of Russia’s involvement in the attacks of the Taliban on American troops in Afghanistan. According to Peskov, “ridiculous” to distribute such information.

Earlier charges were dismissed and the Russian Embassy in the United States, calling them “baseless”. As emphasized in the Embassy, the newspaper The New York Times is trying to invent a new fake history for “accusations of Russian”, not having real information about cooperation of Moscow and Washington on settling the situation in Afghanistan.

The Russian foreign Ministry, in turn, called the NYT article “simple spreading”.

“This simple stuffing is illustrative of the low intellectual abilities of promoters from American intelligence, which is the invention of something more reliable you have to come up with such nonsense,” — said the Russian foreign Ministry.

The Taliban also denied the publication of the NYT about relations with Russia, stressing that the unreliable information is being circulated in the number with the purpose of creating obstacles to the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. This is stated in the statement of the organization.

the “no Supporting documents”

As noted in an interview with RT expert of the International Institute of humanitarian and political studies Vladimir Bruter, “the story as presented by the NYT from the very start had the character of Haile likli”.

“the Likelihood that it is fake is 100%. This is also indicated by the considerable part of representatives of the US intelligence services, who considered the information inaccurate. This means that the American side has no supporting documents,” — said the analyst.

According to Professor HSE Dmitry Estaflava, “no surprise” that the inaccurate information was published in The New York Times.

“the Publication for the last time very severely degraded, as its editorial policy associated with attempts at any price to fight with trump. For this reason, the newspaper publishes any speculation that might somehow harm the head of the White house,” said the expert in conversation with RT.

The Evstafiev indicates that fake information of American journalists “strangely” got the response “on a very serious level,” the Pentagon and NATO.

“It shows totally unbalanced state of the American elite, including the security forces, who are beginning to fuss about already outright fakes. The same applies to NATO, which against the background of these messages, I decided once again to chide Russia. At the same time seriously information the NYT neither the bloc nor the American Ministry of defense does not perceive. But to say now, in the midst antithrombosis and anti-Russian hysteria in the US, that’s just nonsense, they can not” — said the analyst.

the “to exploit”

The Democrats found an article in The New York Times the basis for the new accusations against Russia and address Donald trump, experts say.

In particular, the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi believes that the President of the United States deliberately ignores “any charges”, associated with Russia.

“Russia has not overcome the humiliation she experienced in Afghanistan. Now they take vengeance on us, our troops. It’s absolutely outrageous. At that moment, when the President heard about this he had wish to find out more, instead of denying that he knew something,” she said in an interview with ABC News.

Pelosi also made a formal request to the heads of N. I. and the CIA to clarify the possible “conspiracy” of the Russian Federation with the Taliban.

“the President’s Refusal to oppose the Russian also threatens life in the region at a time when the Afghan government and the United States are engaged in crucial peace talks with the Taliban,” he said in a letter published on its official website.

In turn, the leader of the Democrats in the Senate Chuck Schumer also accused the 45th President of the USA that he does not pay attention, as Russia allegedly violates the existing rules.

“If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past three years, is the fact that the President trump inclined to ignore or excuse the illegal actions of Putin,” he wrote on his page on Twitter.

As noted by Vladimir Bruter, such statements by the representatives of the democratic party, say that this political force “decided to spin a fake story about “ties” between Russia and the Taliban to use it for their own purposes to discredit trump.”

“it is possible that all this flurry of new accusations could further hit the election chances of the trump. And if you combine all this with the fact that sometimes the head of the White house behaving very impulsive and could not accurately explain their actions neither the voters nor their surroundings, the situation for him is exacerbated even more,” — said the analyst.

While Dmitry Evstafev believes that the Democrats in this case are playing with fire — his desire to once again blame the White house for inaction, they can harm the image of the United States as a whole.

“the U.S. military and intelligence agencies were in the process very subtle and highly ambiguous negotiations with the Taliban with regard to reconciliation and to give US a chance to safely withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. And now, when Democrats started to dig this story deeper, unable to surface the real facts about the agreements between the American forces and the Taliban, on payments of Americans this organization, or about supplying her arms from the United States. However, the DP’s do not realize it”, — stated the expert.

Meanwhile, Moscow does not “harm the fake, which was published in the NYT”, — considers Evstafiev.

“In Russia laughed at it, dot the “i” for the world community and went on,” — concluded the analyst.

* The Taliban declared a terrorist organization by the decision of the RF Supreme court dated 14.02.2003.