The race to a Corona vaccine to be running. According to the Association of research-based pharmaceutical producers should be engaged in the world currently, around 60 Teams with the research for a suitable vaccine. With a vaccine, the tested, approved and in sufficient quantity is produced, is, however, expected in 12 to 18 months.

a number of research teams are working with different approaches to vaccine development. For the three approaches, there are, according to Christian Drosten, head of Virology at the Charité in Berlin, “very hopeful approach to data,” as he explains in the NDR Podcast “The Coronavirus-Update”: vector vaccines, inactivated vaccines and genbasierte vaccines.

stock vector vaccines

lit The first approach, the Drosten, the manufacture of a vector vaccine, such as he was, for example, already used in smallpox vaccinations. For this purpose, you need one for the people extremely well-tolerated carrier. “In this System can be used to clone antigens from the new Coronavirus in and can apply then in the people. Then you get an immune response to the proteins of the new Coronavirus,“ explains the virologist.

The advantage of this method according to Drosten, and that it is already used from other diseases, for which these Impfform, a lot of safety data on the possible carrier systems. Therefore, the preclinical evaluation can be abbreviated heavily. Without studies, it is not, however, because it is not exactly known as a natural infection runs at all and how much Virus is in the case of a natural infection at all present in the body. Parallel animal models and subsequent broad-based studies of immune effects in humans are still necessary. In addition, the production is in large quantity here is often difficult.

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inactivated vaccines

The killed vaccines are the simplest, according to Drosten “the of all, what can you do in the vaccine production.” For this purpose, the Virus is left in the lab up to a high concentration to grow. “Then it kills the Virus, for example, by heat or Formalin,” explains the virologist. At the latest after two to three injections, the Patient should show an immune response.

The method works empirically demonstrated in many of the vaccines – but it also carries its risks. Under certain circumstances, namely, not the full, but only a small part of the cellular immune system is activated properly. “This disrupts the Balance of the immune response,” says Drosten.

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Besides the Killing of the Virus that not for the Virus in the natural cycle of reproduction or Multiplication takes place. “Then it may be that you do not have to be inoculated against a Virus, the ‘sensitive Spots’ are still open” and it could not form neutralizing antibodies. Such a process could amplify the disease process in the worst case, because of the required immune cells become target cells of the Virus. “And this is just one of the nasty Surprises that you can experience,” says Drosten. Interference effects of this type were, according to Drosten, although unlikely, but still highly dangerous and should be attempts by the animal and subsequent Tests in the test tube excluded. “And that takes time.”

Genbasierte vaccines

Drosten therefore, it is especially potential in the modern, fast-concepts, as possible genbasierte vaccines. In the case of this vaccine variants pure genetic Information is inoculated in the Form of DNA or RNA. Particularly in the area of the RNA vaccine there is currently promising new technologies, says the virologist. It is assumed in these cases that the own body cells of the patients can recover the Protein of the vaccinated genetic material independently and, therefore, immunity is formed.

“That cuts off an entire production step in the biotechnology industry”, says Drosten, as only RNA and no ready-made proteins produced must be what is chemically a “very straight path” is possible. “That would be, perhaps, can also be vaccines, which are very quickly available, but not yet in such wide mass of inoculated,” explains the virologist.

Hardly hope to accelerate the production of vaccines

Especially in the current state-of-the genbasierten vaccines acts as a glimmer of hope in the acceleration of vaccine production. However, Drosten takes to the idea immediately the Wind out of the sails. “You don’t get somehow to the Golden knowledge, that here again a shortcut can be,” he explains.

If really everything should go smoothly, is it realistic that you can – depending on the concept within one or one and a half years, a vaccine approved. “We will always have press releases which sound as if the now would be the very great abbreviation, or a breakthrough, but in the end it is, unfortunately, likely to accelerate.”

Christian Drosten explains how you can over the air with Corona infect

finally, Christian Drosten has also explained the issue of respirators and their Use, in his view, classified, and other Details about a possible infection process. How it is possible, on the air with the Corona plug in, read here.

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