the Russians who have bought tours, will return home free of charge if the tour operator will not be able to perform its obligations, and the costs will be covered from the reserve Fund of Association of tour operators. The rules approved by government resolution. Also, take out the Russians from abroad at their discretion for a fee. This document is still under preparation in the government.

Difficult situations abroad, the Russians have seen a lot. Due to the bankruptcy of tour operators tens of thousands of our fellow citizens were evicted from hotels, and were forced to buy plane tickets home. In such a situation, the traveler must contact the Association of tour operators in outbound tourism – Association “Turpomosch”. There will be provision for emergency within one day and notify the Federal tourism Agency. Such rules acted before. But now they have updated and clarified in the framework of the “regulatory guillotine” explained “RG” the Director of “Turpomoschi” Oleksandr Osaulenko. To apply these rules in case if the tourist has purchased a tour. For example, remember the bankruptcy in 2018 one of the most famous Russian tour operators “Natalie tours”. Then abroad “stuck” thousands of Russians. All returned home safely. There are other situations in which these rules operate will not be. To evacuate the Russians by the decision of the President if the safety of their life and health is threatened, say, the country began military action happened, or a natural disaster. Such measures are paid for by the budget. In 2015, for example, the Russians evacuated from Egypt after the crash of Airbus A321. In such cases, the home return of all – regardless of whether they bought the tour or they went abroad independently, they have a return ticket or not.

this year, there are new situation. The pandemic coronavirus to collect citizens had around the world. Seems to be the same threat to health and life. But an unprecedented event.

tourists have returned to Russia within 10 days to the end of March. There were about 100 thousand. And then went to the process of collection and removal of all others. Many questions arose. As a result, the government started preparing a new document regulating the rules of evacuation.

In the draft government resolution developed by the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the two main thesis. First, the decision to return to Russia is open to citizens who find themselves in a difficult situation abroad and apply for. That is, take will not only if there is a threat to life or health. Second, its the return of the Russians ‘ own expense. No money – the government will provide assistance. But to return the funds must be within three months. This applies to independent tourists or those who lived abroad and wished to return to Russia. The cost of evacuation depends on the racesStates. The cost of returning, such as Poland, may be $ 100, and the evacuation of Australia – 1.5-3 thousand.

free of charge to evacuate Russians from abroad will be also, but where there is an imminent threat to their lives. The decision will be taken by the special Commission Osaulenko says: “the question in these cases is not about mass removal of the Russians, and of private right.” The document will give a clear understanding of whom , how and at whose expense to be evacuated.

While the removal of the Russians from abroad continues. Before September 1 of the scheduled 56 flights from different parts of the world.

Meanwhile, the Russians are already booking tours for the New year, including the now closed areas. From foreign destinations the most popular Thailand, Vietnam, India, UAE and the Dominican Republic, indicate in the Anex Tour. Also popular European ski destinations – Austria, Andorra, Italy, Bulgaria, added to TezTour.

book Tours for a nominal fee of 1-2 thousand rubles, said Vice-President of the Association of tour operators of Russia Dmitry Gorin. If the direction by the time of the scheduled visit will not open, the tour will take, he adds.

“Neither of which change the order of evacuation of Russian citizens from the territory of a foreign state in connection with natural disasters or armed conflict question. Similar events are held by decision of the President of Russia and in accordance with the government resolution of 18 November 2014, No. 1216. Payment of expenses in these cases shall be at the expense of the Federal budget”, – stated in the Consular Department of the MFA of Russia.

the Changes are not connected with the export organization of flights in the conditions of a pandemic, say the diplomats. The amendments relate to government resolution No. 370, which stipulates the procedure of granting assistance to the Russians on a Pro Bono basis in exceptional cases where there is an imminent threat to their lives. His application is supposed to make it “wider” and extended to “special cases which can be faced by any citizen abroad (e.g., loss or theft of money and documents)”.



At the beginning of the pandemic, the Italian government at the expense of budgetary funds took out citizens stranded in China and Japan. So, at the end of January were evacuated 50 Italians from the isolated Wuhan, and in February and 35 citizens of the Republic, located on Board the ship Diamond Princess at the port of Yokohama. When it became clear that Italy itself and the world was in the grip of a global pandemic, the foreign Ministry organized a crisis headquarters for the organization of export flights. This mission was entrusted to the four Italian airlines: Alitalia, Neos, Blu Panorama and Air Dolomiti. They work closely with Italian diplomatic missions around the worldfrom. But this time and to this day, the evacuation is carried out solely for the money. Passengers are given the opportunity to pay the bill or voucher received in connection with the cancellation or cash. The other options are not available. And evacuation flights to Italy not cheap. For example, the ticket of economy class one way along the route Cancun-Rome is 751 euros. But a trip from Moscow to Rome was done recently in 450 Euro. For comparison: tickets for export the Aeroflot flight on the route Moscow-Rome is now 200 Euro.


French foreign Ministry since the announcement of the epidemic of the coronavirus has made great efforts to return home, about 250 thousand citizens of the Fifth Republic on the background of the lockdown. The work of the special crisis centre of the Ministry was limited to the organization of numerous export flights, but the tickets were so, the tourists themselves stuck in almost 170 countries.

However, the diplomats vigilantly monitored so that the airlines ratcheted up tariffs. So, Air France, which alone accounted for the lion’s share of the force majeure transportation, established a ceiling for ticket prices in Europe is 250 euros and on long-haul flights – no more than 600 euros. In the rare cases when someone was not enough money to pay the ticket, came to the aid of the consular service or of the Association for the support of compatriots abroad. In General, the repatriation of citizens at public expense is not recorded in the laws of right and the approach to each situation is individual. Moreover, a positive outcome, rather the exception than the rule. Moreover, all departing abroad are strongly encouraged to carry insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances, which include the evacuation because of sudden health problems.


the Germans at the border in exceptional cases (e.g. in case of bankruptcy of tour operator or loss of money) may be eligible for financial assistance from the Consulate – but, by law, the money will have to return to the state (by the way, the diplomats do not have the right to pay other people’s fines, hotel bills or hospital). The same applies to costs the government to evacuate citizens from areas of natural disasters or political unrest. “The Ministry of foreign Affairs it is known that the obligation to refund, which also exists in most Western countries, sometimes causes misunderstanding among the victims. However, the vast majority of Germans have demonstrated an understanding that the campaign for their return should not have to pay the taxpayers,” – said on the website of the guardian Germany. After the fact it will be billed to the German tourists, brought by special flights of the 65 page��n in the midst of a pandemic. Used them 67 thousand travelers. The first three thousand people have already received a receipt for payment of flights: € 200 – Canary Islands and resorts of North Africa, 500 euros – from the Caribbean and South Africa, 600 Euro from South America and Asia, and 1,000 euros – from Australia and New Zealand.

Prepared (Rome) (Paris)