In this theater there is a good tradition: before each premiere to invite the club members are regular viewers of “the Hunt for playwrights” for a sit-down for tea with the Director and actors. Now the quarantine, you can only virtual tea party, and in the final of the 33rd season was directed by Dmitry Volkostrelov, Alexander Sozonov, the actress Julia Aug.

– unfortunately, I am now alone in our cozy cafe. Empty hall, empty foyer, a café – it is so unusual and dramatic, it should not be. Really looking forward to the audience – admitted Victor minkow. – May 15 we are finishing 33rd season, is very unusual, on the one hand full-bodied, with another broken occurred in the world of the pandemic, which is sad. But we must move on.

During the downtime we catastrophically lost much. This constant contact with the audience, and the money that existed – did new productions, acquired the new stage equipment. Snapped a few of the tour was going to go with performances in many parts of Russia and abroad. We used to rehearse, play, make scenery, sew costumes, and are now sitting at home… of Course, artists want to see a room full of people who will worry, cry, laugh along with them. This is the most valuable.

Next talked about the upcoming premieres.

the Director Dmitry Volkostrelov, Creator of “theatre post” (independent theater group from St. Petersburg), artistic Director of the Center. Meyerhold, was released on bond from Moscow. His new show, “Russian classic” was ready in March, but the premiere of the play was not in time – the theater was closed.

Volkostrelov told about the production, which will have five versions:

– Performance is not so much about the literature of the “Golden age” as the time – since 1799 (Pushkin was born) to 1904 (Chekhov died). The timing is subjective. In the process of communication, conversations with the artists – five of them – we understand that everyone has his own view on the Russian classics, different preferences. Every performance is individual perspective on the story. Actors will talk about the key events in each decade. We work with time, with the events that happened to the writers with the space, which was invented by artist Ksenia Peretrukhina.

Alexander Sozonov (graduate of School-Studio of MKHAT, the student Kirill Serebrennikov) is in Izhevsk.

Before the General move in the Network, he began to rehearse a play she’s all that Is on the play of the modern playwright Alexander Ivanov. Rehearsals continued during isolation in an online format. According to the Director of the theatre, ready scenery, began to sew costumes.

– It’s a beautiful story about the relationship between mother and son, who lost his father and estranged from each other, – has told Alexander Sozonov. – To find out what happens to the sonom, to find some path to it, the mother gets an account in one of social networks, a fake avatar girls ghotki, and communicates with his son. They start a relationship, boy falls in love with her… Come to play and learn how this will end. The play was written ten years ago, but I think today was particularly important. It’s about people in the Internet space, about inner insulation characters.

we Have great artists, he was casting, getting, think, super accurate, Petersburg – smithy great artists.

as the son of 16 – year-old film and television actor Oleg Chugunov. He was born in St. Petersburg. His filmography includes more than 40 works. Known for the film “Nobody”, the TV series “Brigade”, “Consultant”, “Expropriator”, the other. And here is his first theatrical experience.

performance Artist Pavel Semchenko (one of the founders of the Engineering theatre AKHE), “a theatre of wonders,” as he put Sozonov. “Every appearance of avatars is a unique number, – explained the Director. – “Fourth wall”, there is a common space: theater-online – art – man. We are all in the same field – information, cultural and it is part of our lives.”

For the lead role in the play “she’s all That” invited actress Julia Aug. As a Director she has released this year’s performance of “Truce” in Donetsk on the play of playwright Alexey Coralia in St. Petersburg Theatre “On Foundry”.

a communication from Moscow, the actress told us what it was another return to St. Petersburg:

– For me it is, on the one hand, it is very important. On the other hand, incredibly worried. Few people know that I’m a coward, afraid of everything. I’m afraid to go on stage, though they may look like a winner. Petersburg is the city where I was born, studied, became an actress, first came on the scene. Happened here was my first true love, a city with which I am connected by blood vessels that are impossible to cut.

by the Way, Julia Aug and Oleg Chugunov starred in the TV series “glee”.

Victor minkow answered questions from the audience. The most relevant:

will the work of the theater after the forced isolation mode?

– Hope that will not change. This means that every day we, as before, will play the performances we create. We have such an itch to work and interaction with the audience, communicate!

Will you continue to pursue broadcast performances?

– I am not a supporter of online theatre. Very hard to get used to it. In my opinion, no stream do not give that contact the living that occurs between people – the artist and the viewer, directly in the hall. During the isolation of watching the performances of their colleagues, the great masters of Russian and foreign. Yes, of course, that that is: is leisure, it does not give wean away from what you live. But I perfectly see how lose a lot of performances in the online mode, as you lose the personal, the immediate reaction that takes place in the hall, lost perception. As soon as we start playing live, will not broadcast online shows.

What helps you be positive in such a difficult period?

– Constant online communication with my friends, my colleagues. And the belief that we will soon see you will be able to hug, to look each other in the eye. In that time I have read a lot of books that were delayed, they just didn’t have time.

join the broadcast viewers wrote, “How glad I am to see you and listening!” “It will be a huge number of people willing to come to “Shelter comedian”, “exhausted to want in PERSON!”, “Thank you for tonight. A breath of air. Bye!”

Victor minkow summarized:

After a small break we are planning to open a theatre on 12 June (of course, don’t know yet what format it will happen). We are waiting for you! We have a vaccine: the good mood, the creativity of our wonderful actors and Directors, hospitality, to which you, hopefully, used in our cozy, warm house.

We will continue to give you the youth, charm, smart, sincere performances, stay true St. Petersburg theatre – in terms of repertoire, style. Believe that soon our meeting will be not virtual, but real close, stunning.