Scientists have discovered a new deadly disease, which they called VEXAS. An international team of researchers published their research in The New England Journal of Medicine.

According to experts, they discovered pathology, which is caused by genetic mutations that leads to blood clots in the human body. Thus, in 40 percent of cases the disease ends in death.

It is noted that this disease combines several inflammatory syndromes that doctors have not previously associated with each other. Thus, the inflammatory process in patients with VEXAS can affect lung and cartilage. At the moment we know only about 50 patients with this disease. However, scientists believe that in reality they could be much more.

Previously, scientists of the Ruhr University and the University of Freiburg in Germany have determined that the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s disease, an incurable and fatal form of dementia, can occur at a young age, decades before the onset of the disease. As reported in their article, signs are expressed in violations of intuitive orientation in space.