Christina Aguilera with her son max

for several months, the 39-year-old Christina Aguilera almost never leaves his mansion in Los Angeles, where, together with her lover Matthew Zatleram and two children waits pandemic coronavirus. However, recently the pop diva decided to go on a short journey on the family silver trailer.

a Few hours ago Kristina has published in his instagram some pictures with the 12-year-old son max that were made during their camping. The photo of Aguilera and her son posing in a cowboy hat against the background of their big house on wheels.

Christina Aguilera with her son maxBriefly fled to nature,

— signed series of photos Christine.

Recall that not so long ago, Aguilera has already published a selfie with max, in the signature to which congratulated him on the successful completion of the academic year in isolation. Kristina admitted that he is very proud of his son and says hi to all the guys who were also forced to finish the year in the remote mode.

In a relationship with Matthew Ratlam Christine brings not only a son from a previous marriage with Jordan Brahmanam, but and Matthew, a daughter summer, which in August will celebrate six years. In interviews, Aguilera has repeatedly admitted that motherhood has helped her become the best version of yourself.

In my heart I’m a big baby, and my son and daughter give me the opportunity to play and develop their imagination. I feel part of these amazing young people and learn from them patience,

he told Aguilera about their children in one of the conversations with reporters.

Christina Aguilera with boyfriend Matthew Zatleram