Efforts to fight poverty in the world over the last three years will be reduced to zero. This forecast was voiced by the head of the world Bank David Malpass.

it is estimated that across the planet up to 60 million people to be in extreme poverty because of the pandemic, COVID-19.

“Our assessment is that up to 60 million people are driven into extreme poverty, which negates all the progress in the destruction of poverty in the last three years. Our projections show a deep recession”, – quotes the words of Malpasso the RIA Novosti news Agency.

his organization is trying to remain aloof, issuing credits in one hundred countries. The Bank undertook to issue loans to $ 160 million until the middle of next year.

However, according to him, efforts by the world Bank is not enough. The head of the organization urged creditor countries to join the initiative of the G20, which has declared a moratorium on debt payment by a number of countries, including emerging economies.