you do not quarantine them? Sophie has made the joke already, dozens of times, heard it in the past weeks. Even my husband makes jokes about my last name. He says the times < / I> I do not get my corona and wonder .”

” Sophie Corona (49) has been living in Elewijt (Belgium, Brabant), and has Italian roots. Her dad is from Sicily, but it is in itself, in Belgium, was born. However, she is proud of her name, which is now a many weeks the news of the world to be governed.

“Sometimes you’ll see people think about it, < / i> thinks it is real. , where I set my last name to say. Which is why, sometimes, I have the name of my husband,” she said.

in Particular, on the work, and the sometimes funny situations. It has to be an HR function. “If I e-mail with the corona update, you have to forward it or just have fun. the De corona update, Corona, , plays it, then.”

The two grown-up children, Sophie and bear the name of their father. But, in addition to the woman’s out of Elewijt in Belgium, however, is a 125-lots of people with her last name. All of the people with Italian roots. “It used to be my name, in particular, the coronabier, and now I realize that he will always be with the deadly virus, it will be linked to it.”

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