a Resident of the new Zealand city of Nelson was suspected of treason of the chief, with whom she was having an affair, and brutally beat him. It is reported Stuff.

the 44-year-old Selena dawn grey (Selena Dawn Gray) was in an unstable relationship with his boss: they dispersed, then re-converged. In January 2020, when the pair once again had a fight, the man came to her to have my computer and accidentally took a computer lover since they looked the same. As soon as the new Zealander realized the error, he took the device to the police station, took him to gray out.

the Woman did not know that the computer in the police, and went after him in the house of the chief. Along the way, gray took from his bedroom a few things, including his phone, to later exchange them for your device. She read the correspondence in the smartphone and caught him cheating with another woman.

an hour later, the woman returned to the house of the head of a valve and repeatedly struck her with his Ford Ranger. The next day she again came to him, broke the window in the bedroom and screamed at the house.

Thursday, July 2, gray appeared in court for invading someone’s house and the intentional infliction of damage to property. The judge found her behaviour “abnormal”, given that novozelandki has no criminal record, but all our friends have responded to it well. He noted that he understands the resentment and jealousy gray, but believes that she should behave more maturely.

a Woman was sentenced to 130 hours of community service, 10 months suspended sentence and ordered to pay NZ $ 400 (18.6 thousand) former lover. The judge noted that she was lucky that the damage to the car estimated at 11 thousand NZD (513,2 thousand), covered the insurance.

Earlier it was reported that in Argentina, the jealous bride of the groom suspected of infidelity and smashed his car with a metal bar. She noticed his car outside.