The winning coronavirus 17 year old patient has been warned by teenagers

the Young resident of Irish town Dublin, to tackle pneumonia COVID-19, issued a warning to the teenagers. His words leads Dublin Live.

Brandon Fay (Brandon Fay) started showing symptoms of the coronavirus on March 25. “I complained of cough and shortness of breath, but blamed it on my asthma”, he said. The next day the young man went in for a routine examination at the hospital where he was diagnosed with COVID-19. “After half an hour I was put in the chamber. I lost my appetite, I found it very hard to breathe. Fortunately, I was in intensive care, and I do not have connected devices”, he added.

the Irishman spent three days in complete isolation, after which he was transferred to the ward to the other two patients with coronavirus. “I was nervous, I felt cut off from the world, because no one could visit me. I was allowed only nurses and doctors. It was a terrible experience,” he said. Thanks to the treatment FEI quickly went on the amendment. In the result he was discharged and transferred to home quarantine.

the Young man admitted that because of his age he considered himself invulnerable to pneumonia COVID-19. “I appeal to the teenagers who go on sleepovers to friends, and ride together on our bikes to visit the beaches and hang out in groups. Ask yourself, is it really worth it? You spread the virus. Okay, maybe you’ll go easy, but you can infect your parents and grandparents. Why not think about them?” — he spoke.

faye was advised to use such platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, FaceTime or WhatsApp to keep contact with the outside world. “Do not go outside or expose your family to the risk of infection. If I could get pneumonia in 17 years, so can you,” concluded the Irishman.

Previously a resident of the English town of Marlow in Buckinghamshire, infected with a new type of coronavirus, has made the prevention of intensive care. In conclusion, he urged people to stop frantically to buy the products, don’t forget to take precautions and not risk the health of loved ones.