Verkhovna Rada Deputy Vadim Rabinovich has acted with sharp criticism of the party of supporters of Vladimir Zelensky “servant of the people” and accused its members of treason. The reason for the statement was the statement at an online conference of the Deputy of the faction of the presidential party Galina Tretyakova, who heads the parliamentary Committee on social policy.

During the conference, she, as an expert, said that in poor families children are born “low quality”.

One of the leaders of your party, the special Committee Chairman said that people who do not earn much, need to be sterilized.

"If she stays in this room and will remain head of the Committee in the Ukrainian Parliament, it is not just a disgrace to the Verkhovna Rada, it will prove that you like her and agree with her views", — said Rabinovich, whose speech was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

The MP also said that in the country there are attacks on the opposition, disagree with the ideas of fascism, which seem to share in the Central government.

"the Whole country is in shock, and you are silent, the President is silent. Understand your philosophy. What’s the difference to the slaves who have become masters, what slaves actually happening", — said Rabinovich.

He added that the authorities have betrayed the voters, the country, and forgiveness, they will not. The results of their activities will appear in the local elections because the majority of Ukrainians doesn’t like fascism, and the authorities will see it, the politician believes.

Earlier reported that on the background of falling ratings, the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky, more often heard accusations from the political opposition. In the Pro-Russian party “Oppositional platform For life”, and even stated that the current President may be the last in the history of the country, which then proceed to form a parliamentary Republic. However, such rhetoric appears exaggerated, because of mistrust of politicians in Ukraine is of a General nature.