Sunday, June 28, in France will begin a second round of voting in municipal elections, previously cancelled because of the epidemic. It will show how three months of quarantine, divided tours, changed the mood of the voters. On why the local elections have gained importance for the whole future policy of the country, says the correspondent of “Kommersant” in France Alexey Tarhanov.Respectable couple — man and woman standing in front of election posters and diligently pririsovyvat horns one of the main women candidates. On the empty street that was closed for quarantine of Paris, the funny and strange is it an impromptu vote. Nevertheless.In front of all polling stations in the entire quarantine as, on the wall, hung portraits of the participants in the elections, gradually covered with inscriptions is not too approving of the content. “Bite your President!.. Where is the money for the hospital?.. Marshal, here we come ha ha (it’s about the National Association of Le Pen and his love of collaborator Petain.— “Y”)!.. Non-French slut!..” — in short, in the absence of polls, voters active voice.
A week ago, for the second round, the posters were replaced by fresh.However, not everywhere. Elections will be held throughout France: there are cities and towns, where politics, gaining an absolute majority in the first round, celebrated the victory still in quarantine. But where the situation was more difficult and votes were divided between the representatives of different political forces, the results will be announced only on Sunday night.About the features and rules of the municipal elections in France, “b” told in the days of the first round. It began on 15 March in an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty caused by the approximation of the epidemic. The turnout was a failure (44%), the government strongly condemned for conducting events in such a dangerous environment. The second round, scheduled for 22 March, was cancelled. They began to argue whether his General conduct or both have to move round of elections in late autumn or the following year. However, to replay again didn’t want the winners of the first round, nor the outgoing mayor who made the extra months to sit on their suitcases when already expired credentials.The government had no choice: having started voting, it had to finish. The question now is not whether will win if the supporters of President Emmanuel Macron the new positions in the city administrations and municipalities, and that they will be able to preserve and by any maneuvers.Local elections directly affect the policy of the whole country — and not just the General balance of power. In some municipalities, the election played more than the mayor’s chair. This is the situation in Le Havre, where the city hall stands the current Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. Over the last three years I first saw him on the screen not in the ironed suit and tie, and jeans and a sweaterke. Edouard Philippe were in town, which he conducted in 2010, with a break for the Premiership, and said that the mayor is the best job (probably in comparison with the management of the government): “I like to be the mayor. All the mayors of France, regardless of their political affiliation, their beliefs, their experience will tell you the same thing. This is the best of the mandates where you are most useful closer to reality, to the citizens”.Photo: Reuters15 March he was the city’s first result, the polls tipped him to win over the enemy-Communist, although the gap between them is not so great — 53% against 47%. But at stake for the Prime Minister not only to city hall. Given that, according to rumors, the President is not averse to part with him at the expected in July the new Cabinet, the result of the city election will determine his political future. Different polls give him 50% to 53% of the trust against 38% for the President. If he wins, he will have the choice to stay in government until retirement, which will look even more unfair, or to leave with his head held high, and then who knows, even compete with Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election of 2022.In Paris leading the current mayor, Anne Hidalgo, inherited the capital inherited from President Francois Hollande. Your post it almost certainly will. In the first round she received 30,2% vs 22% and 17.6% respectively from their rivals from the right-wing “Republicans” and makronissos “Go Republic!”.Photo: ReutersВыборы in Paris is an important topic. From city hall not far from the Elysee Palace, as shown by the example of President Jacques Chirac, who has done this journey in 1995. Anne Hidalgo at the beginning of its election campaign in January, had even to promise that it is not going in 2022 to run for the presidency. But that was in January, and now ends poslegarantiynyy June and coming July, promising France a big change.