The USA plan the extension of the arms embargo against Iran the media are writing

MOSCOW, April 27/ Radio Sputnik. U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is considering a plan to extend the embargo on weapons against Iran or renew severe sanctions. About this newspaper The New York Times, citing sources in the administration.

it is Noted that the Secretary of state plans to go about it this way, if the UN Security Council refuses to renew an embargo on supplying weapons to Tehran.

according to the source, Russia and China can cast a veto on the decision to renew the embargo. In response, Washington let me remind you about the formal participation in the agreement on a Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD), and then accuse Iran of violating the agreement. After that the American authorities plan to resume a more severe sanctions against Iran.

“We can’t allow that in six months the Islamic Republic of Iran used to buy conventional weapons. (Previous) President (Barack) Obama never had to accept the removal of the UN embargo. We are ready to use all of our diplomatic options to ensure the preservation of the arms embargo in the UN security Council “, – quotes the words Pompeo RIA Novosti.

a Project of the American resolution to extend the embargo for an indefinite period introduced some of the members of the UN security Council, the US special envoy on Iran Brian hook. According to him, Iran will never get a conventional small weapons, and moreover missiles. Tougher sanctions would not be introduced until the fall, when should pass the first phase of the pandemic coronavirus. The draft text of the resolution was seen by the representatives of European countries, UAE and Saudi Arabia. A copy of the document received and The New York Times.

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