Russia has tested missiles that can shoot down satellites from orbit. This was stated by the head of the Space command US air force General John Raymond, reports CNBC.

According to him, the test is “yet another example of the fact that threats to space systems of the Americans and their allies is real, serious and growing”. Raymond also called the test “another proof of the hypocritical propaganda of Russia in the issue of control over space weapons”. He believes that Moscow’s proposal aimed at limiting the capabilities of States in space, although the Russian government clearly does not intend to stop their program.

“Space command U.S. air force know and follow the test of Russian anti-satellite missile direct interception, held on 15 April”, — quotes the statement of the division of RIA Novosti. The Pentagon said that it was shortly after a pair of Russian spacecraft approached the American reconnaissance satellite. Raymond stated that such maneuvers can create a dangerous situation in space.

According to the command of a Russian missile capable of destroying satellites in low earth orbit. CNBC notes that we are talking about the system “Nudol”, the last test which was held in December 2018. System A-235 “Nudol” intended (according to different sources) to intercept the objects at altitudes from 50 to 1000 kilometers.

Earlier, on April 16 reported that the US suspected China of a secret nuclear testing. The us state Department report indicated that Beijing maintained a high level of activity on Loverscom ground nuclear tests throughout 2019.