The article Vladimir Putin about the Second world war was the beginning of the debate and much interest from the U.S. Department of state. The publication of the Agency found relevant and worthy to think about using in reality the Russian leader approaches.

About the reaction of the us state Department announced Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov. He added that the staff of the guardian expressed a desire to “better read” in the abstract publication.

to Hear the voices of professionals and positive people to us on that article of the Russian President in a timely, — quotes Antonova TASS.

Vladimir Putin in an article about world war II suggested to hold a summit of nuclear powers in order to discuss the General principles in world Affairs, arms control and other pressing security issues.

Earlier reported that Italy took the side of the Russian President in matters of the Soviet victory over the Nazis. Without the participation of the Soviet Union, this victory would not have been possible, said Italian Senator from Berlusconi’s party “Forward, Italy” Lucio Malan.