America only adds to its international position, with impunity, by imposing sanctions against a number of countries, said political analyst Alexei Mukhin. He said this on 2 July, the correspondent of IA REGNUM. He commented on the words of the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who said that against Russia should “immediately” impose sanctions in connection with the alleged collusion of the Russian special services with militants of the terrorist group, the Taliban (an organization banned in Russia) in Afghanistan.

“We are dealing with attempts to shift the blame on others, — said Mukhin. — The situation in Afghanistan for the U.S. is APB, and should now distribute more information about it, which will distract the attention of the public. But opponents of trump trying to take advantage of this circumstance in their narrow political purposes. The United States with impunity impose sanctions against a number of countries, exacerbating the situation for themselves. Obviously, both China and Russia, and Iran, and now the European countries have become more sceptical about the course of action, which is practiced by the United States. It is not only about the opponents of the United States, but also their partners”.

Such “sanctions madness”, as explained by the scientist leads to nowhere, but, fortunately, in the United States do not understand and only exacerbate the situation.

Recall, as reported IA REGNUM, according to Pelosi, the President of the United States Donald trump “neglected his duty” and did not take adequate measures in order to protect the American military, though, says Pelosi was briefed on existing suspicions about Russia’s actions.