The administration of the President of the United States, Donald trump intends to resume funding for the work of the world health organization (who), but only in the same extent that China does. This was announced on Friday, the Fox News channel.

According to his sources, the administration staff has prepared a letter to the who that trump will soon sign or have already signed. The message says that Washington agree to provide the organization with the same amount of funds, which provides China.

As notes TV channel, it would mean that the contribution of the United States repeatedly reduced. As follows from the document, "if China will increase funding for the who," the American side "will consider" increase it to the same level.

The letter notes that the who has flaws, but there is also a "huge potential". In addition, it emphasizes that the organization should be reformed and its leadership to protect from "political pressure". The message is a call for a "fully independent assessments as to the origin" of the novel coronavirus and undertaken by who in this regard measures.

Trump said on may 8 that Washington will soon take a final decision regarding the allocation of funds who. The us leader noted then that the United States send specified organization "nearly 500 million dollars a year". He also claimed that the who was "a puppet of China" and did not record allegedly committed by the authorities of a violation regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus. The U.S. President said that China "pays $ 38 million" in the year to the needs of the organization.

Outbreak caused by a novel coronavirus, the disease was recorded in the end of 2019 in Central China, it spread to most countries. On 11 March, the who declared it a pandemic.