to Unsubscribe from the events, students translate into distance learning, resorting to maximum social distancing and limit the operation of enterprises called on April 28, citizens of Belarus, in his video message, UN resident coordinator in Belarus John Kazana-Vishnevetskaya, according to local news sources.

Despite the best efforts of the government and international partners, she stated, now in the Republic, the rise of the outbreak, which is growing exponentially. “Remember, as of March 26, had a total of 86 cases,” recalled the UN resident coordinator in Minsk, stressing that “it is time for immediate and massive measures to tighten the physical distancing”.

Besides, according to her, the who recommends that “to introduce the possibility of remote work and distance learning in schools, universities and other educational institutions, and also to suspend the work of enterprises not providing essential services, including cafes, restaurants, shopping centers.”

Representative of the world organization has made it clear that all professionals, “the picture is clear – COVID-19, as a ruthless killer, attacking the country and people. The virus can be deadly, even if you are young and strong. Unfortunately, it also happens that you don’t know whether you have the virus but may be its carrier and distributor. There is nothing more valuable than life. There is nothing more difficult than losing family members, friends, colleagues or their fellow citizens. Please stay at home to stop COVID-19. This will help doctors, businesses and emergency personnel to do their job and to cope with the crisis” – called the cauldron-Vishnevetskaya.

As already informed “the UNION” in early April, a who mission has already recommended measures maximum social distancing, not directly pointing to the need for quarantine. However, the President insists that the quarantine in the country are not mandatory, and even ordered to hold on March 25, the Republican subbotnik, which, according to official sources, was attended by more than two million Belarusians.

it Remains to add that according to the Ministry of health on 28 April in ten of Belarus has registered 12 208 people who test positive for COVID-19. The medical services of the country held more than 161 thousand tests. “Recovered and was discharged 1993 patients who were earlier confirmed the diagnosis COVID-19,” confirmed an official source, adding that on the territory of Belarus have died and 79 patients with identified coronavirus infection.