The UN is concerned about the situation in the camp of Lukban

GENOA, April 23 – RIA Novosti. UN deeply concerned about the situation in the refugee camp “of Lukban” in Syria in connection with the shortage of food and medical aid, told RIA Novosti employee of the press office of the office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), David Swanson.

He noted that the camp’s residents still have access to supplies of water provided with the help of the United Nations.

“access to the UN-supported health clinic on the Jordanian side of the border, unfortunately, was closed in March due to the closures and the measures introduced by the government of Jordan in connection with the COVID-19,” added Swanson.

He said that while in the camp, there was not a single case of infection COVID-19.

“as long as civilians remain in the “Rubane”, the UN will continue to advocate for full access for the provision of regular humanitarian assistance, including obtaining the necessary security guarantees for humanitarian personnel,” said Swanson.

Earlier, as was reported in the joint statement of the interagency coordinating headquarters of the Russian Federation and Syria, given the critical humanitarian situation in the refugee camp “of Lukban” and with the purpose to study the real situation with the spread in this COVID-19 Ministry of foreign Affairs of Syria sent the UN a formal request to conduct the camp evaluation of the medical mission.

the Camp “of Lukban” appeared on the Syrian-Jordanian border in 2014 after Amman closed the border because of fears about security. The area controlled by illegal armed groups from the camp there was a severe humanitarian situation. The camp is a 55-kilometer zone controlled by the U.S. military base in the heart of the village of al-TANF on the border of Syria, Iraq and Jordan.

Thanks to the efforts of Moscow and Damascus the situation in the camp in 2019 managed to break the deadlock and to withdraw more than 19 thousand refugees. However, regional UN agencies under various pretexts, delayed the implementation of the plan to evacuate the remaining residents “Ruksana”. In February this year the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov following talks with foreign Minister of Jordan said that the United States used the existence of the refugee camps as a pretext to maintain its illegal military presence in Syria.