The UN believes that hunger because of the coronavirus will not

ROME, 16 Oct – RIA Novosti, Alexander Logunov. Pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 does not bear the long-term threat to world food security, States should keep international trade open and not to restrict repeating old mistakes, said RIA Novosti in the Food and agricultural organization (FAO).

According to him, “long-term threats to food should not be” until the pandemic is under control, and agricultural capital – human, social, economic – not being squandered.

“FAO urges all countries to maintain openness to international trade, to take measures for the protection of food supply chains: from inputs, such as seeds, to ensure small farmers access to markets to sell their products,” said food and agriculture organization.

the FAO also recommends that countries focus on the needs of the most vulnerable groups and expand social protection programmes, including cash transfers. What you are doing already in many countries.

“the Key is international cooperation. The world has enough food, and local crises can be avoided through cooperation and open trade”, – emphasized in the FAO.

Earlier, the FAO said that the spread of the virus, incidence growth and tightening global food system will be exposed to numerous tests in the coming weeks and months. Despite the fact that at the moment, the interruptions are minimal, there are already problems associated with the logistics of the food supply and likely to decrease in the production of valuable types of food, such as fruits and vegetables.

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