Belgian football competition, The UEFA, remains incensed by Belgium last week, on its own initiative, has decided to make the professional league is to stop, without the knowledge or involvement of the union. “The board of directors of the union should have something like this to decide”, says Aleksander Ceferin.

The UEFA president, was in the Slovenian press is once again back at the Belgian’s decision, which, according to him, contrary to the principles of solidarity, because the post had recently been communicated to all the members of the league, is still not to stop it.

Sunday, held to the top of the Belgian football association, a crisisoverleg this with the Ceferin. The UEFA president, in Slovenia, now in its views on the matter: “I’ve been to the Belgian federation, to be heard, and they realize that they are wrong to have acted. They also have their own worries and problems. But it is the only proper procedure in such a thing, it is that they will first bring the matter before the union, that the board of directors, is then bent. Otherwise, you may be unable to continue.”

it’s a Ceferin, blew hot and cold. As alluded he was in the domestic sports Ekipa themselves for a possible early termination of the competition in European football. In this case, each country must have a champion, identify, find Ceferin.