Director and art Directors of Russian theatres took part in a virtual round table “As the Creator to defend his good name: the artistic and economic evaluation of theatrical activity.” It was organized by the Union of theatrical figures and the magazine “THEATRE”. The reason online the meeting was a conviction in the case, “the Seventh Studio”, but the discussion went beyond the known and controversial process sometimes took place with voices raised.

the Main source of dispute was the assessment of the activities of the Ministry of culture and in General the relationship of the theatres with the government. Very emotional, made the artistic Director and the Director of Voronezh Chamber theatre Mikhail Bychkov. He criticized the bill of the Ministry of culture “About modification of bases of the legislation of the Russian Federation on culture”, which assumes the division of authority between the Director and the art Director of the theatre.

– the Director of the theater, which will be charged Finance and who will be responsible for them – is official hired and built into the vertical of Executive power, which stands to attention in front of the founder and who will do what it says founder, that is, control – considers Bulls – Yesterday, he was the Deputy Director of the zoo, the day before yesterday led the Museum dioramas, tomorrow will lead the reserve, and today the theatre. He is the distributor of the funds, which want to protect the artist. Should not be one uniform model of management of the theatre.

the Bulls also said that culture is now embedded in the service sector, but because the attitude of the authorities and corresponding companies.

– it seems to Me that the power is profitable. To us can make the same claims as improperly trimmed beard, stale product. We have built the system and services, and extended to us the logic and the logic of our economy, where everything is based on corruption and kickbacks. Now every month I have to prove I am not corrupt, I do not give bribes. What Director today requires proof that he does not live like these wolves razderbanit Russia’s economy and resources is a fact and it is humiliating.

Bychkov recalled the draft law “On culture”, in which she admits a unique and deduced from sphere of regulation of economy and service. It is not subject to the LABOR code, and the culture is regulated by separate legal acts. However, according to the artistic Director of Voronezh Chamber theater, the adoption of the draft inhibit the powers that be want to build a culture of “chain of command” and “Executive Directors”.

a little differently sees a situation the Director of the Theater. Vakhtangov Kirill KROK. The proviso that he shares with colleagues all fears and Trefogi, he stated that he did not agree that the Ministry of culture does not listen to the theatrical community. CROC reminded that at one time in the last part of the departments were sent a Directive that all Federal theaters have to go to dancalia, but the community managed to convince the then Minister Medinsky, theatres will not change its Charter.

– Recall all the ten years past, when there was a terrible 96th Federal act, which introduced mandatory competitive procedures for production, sets, costumes, and everything that you can think of. Then the idea came of Nabiullina Elvira, who was the Minister of economic development. At intermission I turned to her with a request that we need to change the situation and caused all the arguments. In the end, with our help, have amended the law and on the stage-the staging means of creating, displaying, performance, art products derived from the operation of this notorious law.

CROC mentioned about the changes 44-FZ on public procurement, which were achieved through cooperation with the culture Committee in the state Duma.

– Let’s less speculation. The artists may have been creating a visual image of the performance, and do not tell us how and why the Internet can not be able to buy the necessary furniture and props for the play. I find it funny to read and listen. This is absurd. Do, gentlemen, on your. – emotionally summed up the CRIC.

In turn, the artistic Director of the BDT them. BDT Andrey Moguchy said that theatres are increasingly faced with the contradiction between the bureaucratic device and the artistic process. According to him, it is necessary to subject the system to financial, administrative, management, theatres, art will.

About the role of the press and experts in the evaluation of a theater told the editor in chief of the TEATR magazine Marina Davydova. With this expert evaluation, she said, is very bad today, as with independent theatre critics. “Almost killed by the departments of culture in leading Newspapers and magazines,” said Davydova.

there is much truth In the words of the chief editor of the specialized publication, but I’d add that in “MK” culture occupies a leading position.