the Central election Commission decided to abandon the idea of universal testing of members of election commissions on the coronavirus during the voting on amendments to the Constitution 1 July. Now the test will be conducted “if necessary” if required by the epidemiological situation in the region.

on Monday, the CEC published a new version of recommendations for the prevention of risks associated with the spread COVID-19.

Recall that at the June 2 meeting, the CEC approved the order of nationwide voting on constitutional amendments, prepared in accordance with the recommendations of the CPS. The mandatory security measures at sites included temperature measurement of voting to citizens, the availability of masks, gloves, sanitizers and disposable pens, disinfectant Mat and layout of social distancing.

So, for example, the electoral Commission of Bashkortostan, “Kommersant” has stated that to test the 33 thousand members of the local TECS and PECs “just unreal”. In some regions it turned out that the funds for carrying out such testing in the budget do not exist. A week ago the head of the CEC, Ella Pamfilova told “Kommersant” that she is aware of these problems and recommendations “in the coming days will be a number of changes”. At the same time the source””, close to the presidential administration, reported that the organization of the testing can be left to the discretion of regional authorities.

the new recommendations of the CEC, published on Monday, says:

“a Survey of members of election commissions on novel coronavirus infection using the PCR method is carried out when the need arises, due to the epidemiological situation, in accordance with the requirements of the chief state physicians of the territories.”

In the CPS to comment on the changes and recommended to apply to the CEC. A source at the CEC told “Kommersant” that the decision to test on the recommendation of doctors due to “significant differences in disease burden from region to region” “In some subjects the incidence observed at a very low level, and somewhere, on the contrary, a lot of cases and people are afraid to leave the house. It would therefore be inappropriate to oblige the electoral Commission to spend budget funds for the universal testing of all employees involved in the vote. The recommendation in this case, as in all cases concerning the health of citizens, should give doctors, not members of election commissions”.

co-Chairman of the movement for the rights of voters “the Voice” Andrey Buzin has assumed that the CEC has revised recommendations for the prevention of risks, obtaining information about the epidemiological situation in the regions.

In the revised document softened product��R recommendations voting in the fresh air.

In the first version of this type of voting was recommended as the preferred, and the use of verandas, army tents, awnings and other devices for weather protection. Now it shows that voting in the fresh air can be arranged “in some cases”, if the traditional premise is not fully consistent with the epidemiological safety requirements.

In the recommendations is the requirement of allocation of special facilities under “the Observatory” in case the plot comes a man with symptoms of SARS, and the requirement for regular wet cleaning of the premises for voting with the disinfection of all surfaces. However, in the last version were asked to do it every hour, arranging a break in the vote. It was assumed that all the documentation for this break was to get in the safe.

the updated version also States that a citizen must present a passport out of their hands, but at a distance that will allow the Commission member to see the data in it.

In the last version, this update was not, and this has led to concerns that at a distance of one-two meter member of the Commission will not be able to verify passport data of the voter data in the list.

Ksenia Veretennikova, angelina Galanin, Elena Rozhkova