MOSCOW, April 16/ Radio Sputnik. The U.S.’s claims to Russia for “violation” of agreements in the sphere of arms control are unfounded and unsubstantiated, said Tuesday RIA Novosti Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

he was commenting on the recent U.S. state Department report on countries ‘ compliance with agreements in the field of arms control, nonproliferation and disarmament.

“We certainly do not agree with the thesis, which is present in this report, that the United States continue to comply with obligations under arms control. We have the opposite opinion: US – worst offender a number of agreements and arrangements in this area, we’re talking about openly. Attempts to challenge this baseless, unfounded is part of the overall disinformation campaign waged by the USA in many areas… It’s obvious the practice of brainwashing the public, we can’t be treated,” –said Ryabkov.

the Representative of the Russian Ministry noted that such kind of texts as this document, in the United States appear every year. According to Deputy foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, the structure and content of the document remained unchanged with rare additions, “extremely politicized and opportunistic”.

Also, according to him, the document refers to the reluctance of Washington to conduct a meaningful dialogue with Moscow. In addition, the United States continues “to spread accusations against the us and China, reinforcing its policy of undermining the foundations of the international system of measures in the sphere of arms control and creating a climate of nervousness in the international community,” added Ryabkov.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that the foreign Ministry praised the decision by trump to stop funding the who.

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