to organize the reliable operation of vital systems, many agencies of Chechnya to operate in a higher mobilization by providing people with medical care, food, protection. It is particularly important that social security pensioners, large families, the disabled and everyone who needs help and support from the state.

these challenges have been overcome largely thanks to the digitization of public services, which is in full swing in Chechnya for several years. Now the Republic is one of the leaders of implementation of information technologies in the social sphere. Public services become easier and more accessible.

the Period of isolation for all social services has become a challenge of enormous complexity and forced to re-evaluate the established scheme of work and the whole way of life, showed how necessary radical transformation of the social welfare system. This kind of stress test showed that to be 100% prepared to work in a completely new environment that could not be foreseen, it is impossible. But to quickly transform their operations in a way that people don’t even feel “restructuring” was possible.

of Particular relevance acquired the presence of the client services even in the most remote settlements. Today, such service Pension Fund has in all municipalities of Chechnya. As a result, major social issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

At the same time had to limit the number of specialists, to isolate those who fall into the risk zone. As well as to improve the system of interaction between units, to configure the part of the staff, where possible, work in remote access. In addition, monitored the health of employees quickly, they were replaced regardless of which area was a subdivision. Remote system management has been significantly expanded.

in short, the first half of the year was in a difficult situation. What are the results of the work during this period? Pension Fund refers to agencies that do not have the right to stop operation. The institution carries out the payment of pensions and allowances, which are often the only source of income for families. Staff Pension Fund has shown the efficiency, professionalism and responsibility, starting from an ordinary employee client service to manual. This is the most important achievement was the Foundation for the normal operation in difficult conditions. The Chairman of the Board PFR Maxim Topilin has built an effective chain of command that allowed in the shortest possible time to go into emergency mode. Had to perform not only their direct RAbot, but, in accordance with the RF President’s decisions to start the implementation of lump sum and monthly payments to families with children. Had to act promptly to ensure payments in time. Now we can conclude that these tasks were completed.

however, the organization faced the need to rebuild forms of interaction with the population, not for a single day without stopping work. Personal reception in the client services had to close and continue interaction with the beneficiaries by all means available. Customer self-service PFR have made a significant breakthrough: the first took the form of communicating through personal accounts on the Fund’s website, the Single portal of state services, multi-phone line customer service. Was also used whats up consultant, a chatbot and a social network. In parallel, the traditional way quickly began implementation of a proactive purpose payments. At the same time citizens are exempt not only from circulation on instances. Payments shall be appointed without the application, but simply on the fact of occurrence of a particular situation.

Citizens are all due to social support in full and on time. Moreover, thanks to the initiative of the head of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Ramzan Kadyrov, the early payment of pensions, allowances and other assistance may have been done before the may holidays and June – before the celebration of Eid al-Fitr.

currently, the bodies of the Pension Fund have the most modern IT equipment, communications and logistical base. At all levels corporate data network. The number of documents that a citizen must submit to the Pension Fund, is minimized. And in the case of proactive delivery of services do not need any documents. This was achieved thanks to the efficient cross-layer interaction with the use of the whole complex of information resources of the Pension Fund. Established and effective inter-sectoral communication with the use of Federal information systems.

to Implement these changes was not easy. The main difficulty and at the same time the main task is to protect professionals from the insidious infection. In the Republic ensures compliance with all hygiene standards. There were problems directly in the work, but they were temporary, just at the beginning of deployment of new strategies. Thanks to a clear and operational instructions of the head of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Ramzan Kadyrov for the divisions of the FIU always on “green light”. All branches of the regional authorities to provide all possible assistance in any situation – even when traveling specialists at night, weekends and holidays. Indeed, in pandemic conditions the structures of social services was almost non-stop.

it’s No secret that when it started the spread of the virus, there were concerns, do not affect whether the situation on the timely execution of government payments, pensions and benefits? However, this did not happen. In the Republic organized the extension of the payment of pensions until July 1, 2020 for the survivor when the recipient is 18 years of age in the period from 30 March to 30 June 2020. It does not even need to submit documents confirming the fact of training.

in addition, the designated pension for old age persons for whom the Pension Fund staff prepared in advance all the necessary information. This allows people eligible for retirement in the period 1 April to 30 June 2020, you can contact customer service. You can apply for the assignment and delivery of pensions in electronic form through a private office on the website of the FIU or via the Single portal of state and municipal services. This man puts down in the statement a mark about acceptance of the pension the territorial body of the pension Fund details individual (personified) account. If necessary, citizen assist in the submission of applications. For example, he can consult by phone. Also assigned pensions and monthly monetary payments to disabled people and disabled children, without their contacting customer service. Help them to understand the nuances and apply the desired application over the phone.

in addition, the territorial bodies of the FIU extend the payment of pensions and monthly cash benefits to persons recognized as disabled after a reexamination bodies mediko-social examination in accordance with the interim order. This happens on the basis of information received from the Federal registry of persons with disabilities. Was extended increased fixed payment to the insurance pensions for disabled members of the family after reaching adulthood until June 30, 2020 without the discovery of documents confirming the fact of full-time study and finding a dependent of the retiree of this age.

In General, PF of Chechnya in the most difficult period has worked “in plus”: there were no failures, citizens receive timely pension and necessary disbursements.

– great importance to us is the opinion of people about the work of the Fund, – said the head of PF in Chechnya, Mokhmad-EMI Akhmadov. – Reviews, we monitor at all levels, including social networks. The reaction is different, because our compatriots have faced many problems both psychological and material nature. But the positive reviews much more. People are grateful for the significant financial support provided to the government in difficult times, �� for efficiency of the Pension Fund in solving their issues.