Stars are people too, and they have to spend days in isolation. Dropped out of the usual crazy graphics, some allow themselves to rest, the other manages to do, although the production stood up and closed all the studios. Serbian actor miloš Bykowicz, now known in Russia for the Comedy “Slave”, have isolated themselves in the monastery. But he put himself in danger.

the idol of the Russian spectators Milos Bikovich debut in the Russian film “sunstroke” Nikita Mikhalkov, who played punished according to merit major in “Slave” Klim shypenko and Muslim Magomayev in the TV series “Magomayev” is at home. When we will see him again – the big question.

Serbia closed the border indefinitely. The country introduced a state of emergency, curfew.

Discontinued rail and intercity bus service. In such circumstances, Milos isolated themselves in the mountains near Valjevo in the ancient monastery of the XV century Jovana. There is the Abbot’s elder brother – father Michael (Bikovich). They have 16 years age difference. The elder brother took the veil, when Milos was six years old. He is also in love with Russia, and this love transferred to them from the mother. She’s 72 and Milos has taken her from Belgrade to the mountains for a period of quarantine, because people after 65 years in Serbia can’t leave the house.

this ancient city of Valjevo is one of the leaders in Serbia on the number of people infected with coronavirus, and there waited for assistance of the military, because with the situation alone could not cope. Among the victims of the pandemic was the master of the monastery, where is the father of Michael (Bikovich). In Serbia already infected some of the clergy, including Bishop Milutin, Bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

While in quarantine, his fasting, watching a movie, studying for the screenwriting courses online and even picks up the scythe. 40 km from the monastery, he bought a plot of land, but it has yet to settle in.