April 30, did not live only three months before their 57th anniversary in Poltava died popular Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian singer Nina Kirso. Ex-soloist of the established in 1988 the group “freestyle” together with a team traveled all over the USSR and the countries of the former socialist camp. The last time Kira was seriously ill. We found out the details of the last months of his life, Kira.

Latest Instagram post Nina Kirso – the joke about the monkey that was scared to death because of the input tax on fur was napisah June 1 of the year before. That is the day when her life changed dramatically for the worse.

the Stroke caught up with Nina that day, June 1, 2018. Soloist and co-producer of “Freestyle” was home alone: a son and husband went on tour. Time to call in a medical team was none.

Friends, half a day trying to get through to Nina, with the permission of the district Department of the police opened the door to the apartment. The hostess was lying face down in the kitchen. “Whether it’s a simple deterioration of health, she would found its way to sofa, – told in those days the local tabloid the actor of group “freestyle” Sergei Kuznetsov. – And just fell, losing consciousness…”.

June 2, doctors hospital of Poltava dare to operate on the well-known singer. After the “out of anesthesia,” Nina Kirso remained in a coma.

it lasted almost two years. The band with each concert, saving money for treatment. After the singer moved to Kyiv and placed in one of the best hospitals to raise funds and joined other Ukrainian musical groups.

the Second complex operation gave some hope. In may 2019 Kira finally opened his eyes. After long-term treatment and rehabilitation, the doctors did not rule out that Nina Vladislavovna gradually restore most of their life skills. But it happened irreparable.

“the Kingdom of heaven our Poltava Soviet star scale! – responded to a sad event in Ukrainian Russian poet Svetlana Ilyin. – It was the pearl, which is singing, writing songs; many were donated”.

the Team of the program “Folk-Music” on 1-m the Ukrainian TV channel, which in 10 years has participated Circo, reminded her performances with great warmth Volyn folk song “Why didn’t you come?”

Director of the company, engaged in organization of concerts of stars of the Russian show-biza, Maxim Oshmarin too eager to Poltava at the farewell ceremony with Kira. Oshmarin since 2011 worked as the Director of “Freestyle” until summer 2018, when Nina Kirso in a coma. “My God, what a year that. – wrote the entrepreneur in the social network. – How terrible to lose people who were in your life, lived and did a lot, and you even get to say goodbye can’t.”

Another well-known musical figure, Andrew Timesin the summer of last year appealed directly to Vladimir Zelensky. “Volodya, she (Nina Kirso – ed.) lies in a coma, but she hears everything, she feels everything, I must come and visit Nina – written by the producer of “Tender may”. – Please help me to come to Poltava!”

Perhaps he hoped for a positive response, because in one of the photos of the ex-soloist of “Freestyle” is depicted next to then-colleague at the creative workshop of Vladimir Zelensky.

after Receiving the news of the death of Kira, Andrei Razin directly accused the ex-President Petro Poroshenko and the current leader Vladimir Zelensky. Both high-ranking politician, according to the producer, simply blocked any attempt for financial assistance from Russia, the family of the artist. “These heartless people were not allowed to do,” wrote Razin in a personal blog.

in Fairness, I should note: the reason for the rejection of the Russians at the funeral of their friends in Ukraine or relatives is not only the policies of some leaders. Just yesterday I had to walk the last journey of a friend, several decades in a row worked at the enterprises of Krasnoyarsk Krai and Murmansk region. His son, norilchanin Ruslan, too, was not able to quickly get to the Ukraine because of the “coronavirus” quarantine”. Previously, quite a man of military age were freely arrived in Kiev with transfers in Moscow and Minsk.