it is Expected that the parties will discuss in detail the situation in East Asia and exchange views on the alignment of policy towards Pyongyang. According to some, in conversation the high-ranking diplomats also touched upon the situation in Hong Kong after the adoption by China of a law to ensure national security.

Recall that in the Japanese Islands Stephen began arrived from Seoul, where he held a number of important meetings with representatives of the South Korean government. There is an American representative made it clear that Washington is open for dialogue with the DPRK. According to him, in the White house support the cooperation between Pyongyang and Seoul, based on the fact that the cooperation of these countries will contribute to stability on the Korean Peninsula.

it is Noteworthy that Stephen began became the first official persons of high rank, who visited Japan after the introduction of the country’s restrictions on flights from a number of foreign countries due to the coronavirus. Currently in Japan there is a ban on the entry of passengers of a total of 129 countries, including the U.S. and Russia.

by the Way, the US Deputy Secretary of state after landing in Tokyo had to undergo PCR testing for COVID-19. Stephen began came to the meeting with his Japanese counterpart in a sanitary mask. In the same vestments at the entrance of the American guests met the Deputy head of the Japanese foreign Minister Takeo Mori. However, before the photographers, officials decided to expose the face.

Such precautions are apparently not without Foundation, since in Tokyo on July 9 had a record outbreak of coronavirus. Local experts found 224 new cases of infection in the capital. The vast majority of those infected are socially active citizens at the age from 20 to 40 years who had visited for a night in the entertainment areas of the city.

during the peak period spread of the disease in the city daily gains new patients with positive sample for infection was less. However, local authorities do not plan to introduce additional restrictions for the residents of the Japanese capital.