The Spaniards will allow walking and playing sports in may

MADRID, 25 APR — RIA Novosti. the people of Spain will be able to go for walks and play sports on may 2, announced the country’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

“If the pandemic will develop in a positive manner as now, then may 2 will be allowed out to play sports and hanging out with people with whom we live. Always on terms that defines the management of medical services”, — said the Prime Minister on press conference. According to him, soon the order will publish the Ministry of health.

He also reminded that from tomorrow I will be able to take to the streets children under 14 years accompanied by an adult. This can be done every day, walks should last no more than an hour and close to home (up to a kilometer away from the place of residence).

alert, introduced in Spain on March 14, was extended to 9 may inclusive. Restrictive measures in Spain — are among the most stringent in Europe. Residents have the right to leave the house only in exceptional cases: in order to buy food, medicines, get to the hospital, to help people who can’t cope on their own, drive to work, walk the dog close to the house.

Spain is now in third place in the number of victims (after the US and Italy) and second in the number of identified cases COVID-19 (after the US). Since the beginning of the epidemic and 25 died March 22 902 people who had been diagnosed COVID-19. In total with PCR testing it was revealed 205 905 cases of infection. In addition, since the beginning of the epidemic identified 17 854 cases with antibody tests. Thus, the total number of recorded cases is 223 759.

the Minister of health of El Salvador Ilya previously confirmed that the peak of the epidemic in the country is passed, according to him, the country is at the stage of “bending the curve” of the spread of coronavirus.