the Vitebsk is considered in Belarus, the capital of the paratroopers. Here more than 75 years stationed 103 guards airborne brigade, that was the division. During celebrations on 2 August, the brigade commander guards Colonel Alexei Elfimov recalled the history of military connections:

Formed in January 1945 in the city, it passed a glorious way. In the 45th led the fighting in Hungary and Austria. From December 1979 to February 1989 soldiers of the compounds fulfilled their international duty in Afghanistan. There for their personal courage eight soldiers were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Vasily Margelov, who have a lot in common with Belarus, airborne veterans remember fondly. The General-the major of a stock Alexander Skachkov, who commanded a regiment in Afghanistan, once met with the “marine No. 1”:

– In 1967 – 68 years, I still managed raspberry beret to wear. Blue berets and vests in the airborne introduced in ‘ 69. When I commanded a battalion of the Pskov division, Vasily Filippovich visited us for an inspection.

Vasily Filippovich loved for servicemen to have a good athletic training. In Pskov, for example, in gym, we practiced the Chinese method of capture of buildings with poles.

In 1993-1995 Surges commanded Vitebsk airborne division. As a veteran of this compound Valerian Mackiewicz, who now heads the Vitebsk regional organization of the Belarusian Union of veterans of war in Afghanistan, Margelov first saw on the parade ground in Vitebsk:

– Our reconnaissance then sang his favorite marching song “soar, falcons, eagles”. Vasily Filippovich gratitude to us announced. It actively introduced innovations that made airborne powerful and mobile. This jet dome system, allowing soldiers to parachute in BMD, and the Il-76 and An-22, capable to carry from 100 to 250 Marines.

Vitebsk has a monument to Paratroopers of all generations, where the broken bas – Vasily Margelov and his Deputy, Ivan Lisova, a native of Vitebsk. In the Belarusian regional center in the name Margelov named street, which is situated next to the school № 45. The Director of the school Irina Loshakova sure graffiti with the image of Vasily Lata, which appeared on the walls of the school, to remind pupils about the correct landmarks in life:

– son of the legendary paratrooper Vitaly Margelov wrote us a letter in which he thanked us. Because of the epidemic the relatives of the hero are unable to attend the ceremony. I hope that I will see them at the opening of the school Museum, which we plan to devote Vasily Margelov.

the exhibits promise to help the servicemen of the 103rd airborne brigade. Russian paratroopers for them, according to the Deputy commander of the brigade Lieutenant Colonel Denis Kryventsov, longtime colleagues and good companions:

– Our team at full strength is included in the Collective rapid reaction forces of the CSTO.