The second coming of the Bear the foundling

the Rumors about the second coming of Saakashvili to Ukraine went from the beginning of April, but even when he reported it to Facebook, it is noteworthy that in the Russian language, many didn’t believe it. But soon the deputies of the parliamentary faction of the “Servant of the people” confirmed that the appointment will take place on Friday, and vote for the Bear-the foundling supposedly pre-assembled, it confirmed the seriousness of Zelensky.

Perhaps not in detail to recollect the brightest moments of the political biography of Saakashvili – whether it’s eating his tie, outstanding criminal cases in a small country, running on Kiev roof, power break through the Polish-Ukrainian border, and other manifestations of psychopathy and drug addiction. The same Studio “95 quarter” in his time did a lot of parodies of him and came with him Ukrainian government officials without Ukrainian citizenship. But the joke was over, and now Saakashvili is again a prominent figure in local politics, as well as the marker of the missing bench and overall loneliness Zelensky.

why Saakashvili suddenly took Zelensky made already done. The first attempt to create a counterweight to the actually rehabilitated by the new government of Petro Poroshenko and all-powerful interior Minister Arsen Avakov, whose personal conflict with Saakashvili also well known. In this unbalanced psyche Saakashvili seemed intended for use against opponents Zelensky in the future. And here, as warned by Zelensky well-wishers, it is important not to spoil relations with the revolutionary Georgian, not to accidentally pull the pin.

But it is also likely that Saakashvili took Zelensky for “reforms” prescribed by the IMF. In fact, besides the already established sale of land, is on the agenda of the new labour code, destroying the rights of hired workers, once the privatization and optimization, and the continuing sales of the Ukraine, with Zelensky included in the final phase. Saakashvili’s relationship with global players, and personally with George Soros, well-known, and so he will be able to consolidate Ukrainian “sorozat” scattered today on factions “European solidarity”, “Voice” and “Servants of the people” for the vote. Does not exclude the Saakashvili campaign for possible election at the head of this practicum who intends to sponsor a partner of Soros and the son of ex-President Leonid Kuchma Victor Pinchuk. In a couple of Georgian ex-President was already a matchmaker, “directed” and terrorist Sentsov. Along with Saakashvili, may increase state and oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, he is now the patron and to the incumbent President. But in any case, the responsibility for re-domesticated in Ukraine, Saakashvili will now carry the Vladimir Zelensky and not make conclusions from the mistakes of its predecessors.