The former head of Czech military intelligence Andor Sandor said the case of journalist and adviser to the head of Roscosmos Ivan Safronov due to the recent expulsion of Russian diplomats from Prague.

In the Czech Republic claim that one of the expelled diplomats made a false accusation about an impending attack using the poison ricin to the representative of authorities of the capital of the country after the demolition of the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev. According to Sandor, Moscow decided that the arrest Safronov will be a “correct development” of the situation.

About it reports the Russian service of the BBC. Military intelligence believes that the solution could take, because countries have not agreed on the diplomatic level. Relations between Moscow and Prague would degrade the ultimatum of foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov about the return of the monument to Konev.

Sandor noted that the FSB says about the recruitment Safronov in 2012, but the charges brought against him only now, a month after the deportation of diplomats.

the FSB must have known that in this case there is something to cling to, and so they now pulled to the surface — I am sure the military intelligence.

Ivan Safronov arrested July 7 in Moscow. The searches took place at home he and his ex-girlfriend, journalist Taisia Bekbulatova. The FSB reported that suspects journalist to work for one of the intelligence services of NATO and the transfer of classified information about military-technical cooperation and the defense industry of Russia.

Earlier reported that the experts of the Federal security service did not find evidence of classified information in the publications of Ivan Safronov, accused of treason, said his lawyer, Ivan Pavlov. Thus, according to him, the FSB claim that Safronov passed secret data by using encryption software.