Online cinema Okko will show the dance performance “mode waiting for Godot” play by Samuel Beckett. About it reported in a press release received by the editors”.ru”.

Choreographers performances Kadruleva Anastasia and Artem Ignatyev consider 12 characters, stuck in an abstract space. They all do, but someone is unconscious and someone is desperately looking for a way out, thus the absurdity of the expectations transmitted through comical situations with the characters. Online cinema recommends you to watch a recording of the performance on may 3.

Morning, 10:00, Okko offers a range articular warm-up for the older generation of transmission “Fitness against the virus”, that can be performed daily at home with no special props. At 12:00 — the author’s program of Leonid Parfyonov, which is a well-known journalist will be transferred in 2006 to talk about what the Russians thought about the successor to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the movie “Borat” and more.

by Day, 14:00 — lecture for children, which explain what’s going on in a mug of tea, when the leaves gather in the center of the glass. Later, in 17:00, viewers recommend culinary lecture “Cooking at home with the Novikov School” with a recipe for ravioli with ricotta and spinach.

Evening 19:00, the user is prompted to see the ballet “dance Floor”. At 22:00 online cinema recommends fantasy film “Gretel and Hansel”, an alternative version of the familiar tale of the brothers Grimm.

Okko provides its subscribers a new type of content delivery: shaped like the classic TV program transmission, but it is personalized and tailored to the wishes and needs of each user, and is also available every day. Read more about main events and premieres online cinema next week read our collection.