In Moscow region have finished investigating a criminal case against the 49-year-old Russian who committed a series of murders collectors and attacks on banks. In the near future the accused will go on trial. On Tuesday, August 4, according to the Investigative Committee of Russia.

According to the investigation, November 12, 2014 the man committed the first crime in the village Andreevka. He waylaid the employee of the private security enterprise (chop) near the entrance of the store and fired twice at him when he turned around, and then stole the bag, which was eight million rubles.

January 20, 2017, the attacker attacked an employee of chop, near the shopping center in Khimki. Waiting, when the carrier of the money will be in range, shot several times from a gun. But to take money failed, the wounded collector managed to escape and hide the money, but from the received wounds he died.

the Investigation established that the robber also made a series of attacks on employees of banks on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region with the use of weapons. He was able to steal around 5 million, 40 thousand dollars and 37 thousand euros. The investigation carried out the painstaking work of gathering evidence. Just interviewed over 200 people and made tens of examinations.

After the arrest of the robber in his home was found ammunition identical to the cartridges with attacks on collectors. The suspect did not deny it and gave a detailed confession.

on 3 July it was reported that in Rostov-on-don detained the Russian who robbed the Bank and stole half a million rubles and about 27 thousand dollars for the payment of the loan.