Coronaries changed the minds of many people, from Hollywood stars to managers lower level. The Russians had time to think about, isn’t it time to change jobs, business model or at least stop the mindless existence. “Газета.Ru” collected examples of successful reinvention of your life for use in pochkovidnye era.

the Star actor Keanu Reeves auctioned for a 15-minute conversation with myself in chat at Zoom. The initial price of the lot — $10 thousand., now it was raised to $16 thousand. the Auction will close on Monday, the conversation with the actor is scheduled for July 6.

But this is not business project specifies the leading roles in “the Matrix” and “John Wick”. Proceeds from the auction will be transferred to Camp Rainbow Gold in Idaho for the treatment of cancer patients, CNN reports.

left without work during the quarantine and living in Austria, the Opera diva Anna Netrebko went to work on the farm to collect strawberries. Implemented long-held dream and at the same time helped the farmers who need migrant workers. “Really liked it — will go again!” — shared with his fans Netrebko in social networks.

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These examples underline how much the pandemic and the economic crisis — coronaries — just three months changed the lives of many. Not always for the better. “Газета.Ru” collected examples of transformations that have dramatically changed the lives of Russians, their vision of the world, the motivation to work. Moreover, without a return to the old life.

that’s what they tell us about the impact on them had quarantine and isolation.

“”the Chief, everything was gone! — this is what we thought when we realized that tourism in this season is bust, — told “Газете.Ru” co-founder “of Aftering” Alsu Gumirova. Together with our business, which has been associated with the delivery of products on a yacht in Savona, Italy”. This is called yachtering, she explained.

But the panic passed with the knowledge that the world has changed in a favorable direction — people actively mastered orders for products via the Internet, thus the market has grown significantly, said Alsu. Moreover, it products, products (meat, eggs, greens, fish, pasta) for cooking — due savings.

“so we have adapted our aftering on shaputka! — said the businesswoman. — Not only picks online shopping, picking up items and chooses the dishes for a few days in advance, and he brought the ingredients to make these dishes, and the price of conventional stores. The point is to change the algorithm of the order and facilitate the work of the hostess — no��about to painfully wrestle with what to cook, you simply select the menu and specify the number of people. This is the same approach we had in eheringe”.

Essential oil is excellent to cope with many diseases and lead to a state of harmony, which is especially important not to go crazy sitting at home, she said. “I’m thinking now, and do not open any additional business”, — said Alsu.

a Moscow-based artist Alina Andeeva for the past 15 years has been a jewelry designer. Suddenly the onset of a pandemic and the crisis in the jewelry industry in the end of December, have borne fruit.

“in Short, my income is cleared,” — said Alina correspondent “Газеты.Ru”.

So Andeeva started to paint — watercolor, sometimes with acrylics on canvas. She writes of nature and flowers — “all the things that was so valuable and expensive during the quarantine,” and hard studying the market of painting, trends, purchasing power. The artist told about the plans to create a series of works on the theme of pandemic, but rather out of it, with a philosophical component. Appeared to her admirers, Alina began to make.

“unfortunately, in Russia art is not appreciate. The sale of the pictures better go to online-resources in America and Europe. For me this is still in theory, but I have already accumulated a database of potential customers and buyers of my paintings”, she said.

Alina Also gives lessons online, it is engaged in tutoring, conducting on his page in Instagram ethers, which shows the budget of painting. Of course, I had to revive all their knowledge on pedagogy, higher teaching was very handy, she said.

“So the pandemic became my coach and psychologist in one person, gave me the opportunity to look inside ourselves, rethink things and see new tempting top”, — concluded the story of Alina.

this year, the Moscow designer Daria Nenasheva was going after the school to enter the Higher school of Economics. But there was a crisis and pandemic, quarantine was a turning point.

“Instead of thinking about the exam, I registered SP under the future business project — said Daria. — Starting capital of 150 000 was provided by the parents. Not just in terms of return”.

So she designed the clothes, made a bet on the lounge — such clothing is equally well known while flying in a plane, in the office and in the beach resort.

“Great fit, fabric and a wide choice of colors allow you to create a mix for every mood and situation, — says Daria. — And I was right — the idea of a shot”.

Designer — not quite so new to the field. She studied at art school “Start”. But all that was before the pandemic “is just so, now came the success,” says Daria. Quarantined people had a lot of free time which they spent on the Internet. The number of purchases through social networks rose sharply in mid-March. Just two months since the registration opened online-shop decorated online ticket office Internet acquiring.

“A higher education you can get and then. First return the loan to parents”, — told about the plans of the designer.

Svetlana Chugunova from Moscow was a homemaker, income of the husband was enough for a normal life. The pandemic left a family without a livelihood, except for some savings, she said.

it Turned out that the insulation is magically taught the people to use the Internet, and now everyone is happily ready to have online saving your time and money, she said.

the Idea that crisis and pandemic “deep plowed” the consciousness of the people has become common place, but it’s true, said business coach leading expert of the Ranepa Elena Dugina.

“Despite the fact that it is human nature romanticizing his past life has changed, minced meat grinder you cannot turn back, changes in personal relationships and in business will affect at least half of the people” — says Dugin.

According to her, will come a total digitalization of the society and in these circumstances will begin to die off, for example, top-down, repressive culture of business management.

However, the expert warns that many examples of sudden change of behavior of people, the transition to new and unexpected business model from the already familiar, for example, from therapists, realtors, or Vice versa, is not always effective.

“to Rush from one extreme to the other in pochkovidnye era not a good life strategy. You need to use the experience gained and to seek the application of their forces in the related fields of activity” — says Dugin and gives examples of “right strategies”.

This is when, for example, IT-specialist employed not in the same company, and lead multiple IT projects in different areas. Or, for example, a specialist in the field of design and clothing production opens online fitting room or goes on tailoring of theatrical costumes.

Rustem Falyakhov