the isolation the Russians were addicted to hard alcohol and began to consume more whiskey, rum and tequila. Write about this “Izvestia”, citing data from the Net.

So, the sale of these alcoholic beverages increased in the second quarter of this year by almost a quarter in each of the categories. From April to June, the sale of alcoholic beverages strength above nine degrees was 1.7 million gallons, which is 22 percent higher than the same period last year.

the Same trend recorded in respect of bitters. Their sales reached 1.8 million decaliters, which is more than last year on the same 22 percent. In General, the sale of alcoholic beverages, excluding beer and beverage in retail rose 3 percent to 51.4 million decaliters.

In a press-service Rosalkogolregulirovanija explained that sales growth is associated with the legalization of the market, as well as the introduction of the regime of self-isolation, when purchases of alcohol were carried out for the future. The Chairman of the Board of the Russian Association of experts of the retail market Andrey Karpov noted that during the isolation people tried to entertain themselves as best they could, so implementation of all categories of alcoholic beverages increased.

on July 22, it was reported that the Ministry of Finance of Russia proposed to raise the minimum retail price of alcohol strength above 28 degrees. The price of the cheapest bottle of vodka of 0,5 liter will increase from 230 to 238 rubles, brandy — from 433 to 446 rubles, brandy — from 315 to 324 rubles. The lower price limit for the sale of alcohol at retail in the first place aimed at combating counterfeit products.