A Russian tourist visited Abkhazia and described the confusion when choosing a hotel with the words “how to take a pig in a poke”. The girl shared her impressions of the rest with the portal “Subtleties of tourism”, her review was published on the portal “Yandex.Zen”.

According to the traveler, it is very difficult to choose a hotel in Abkhazia, since even on global housing booking platforms, local hoteliers “manage” to make fictitious reservations and write positive reviews, which creates confusion.

“And unscrupulous owners rename hotels and guest houses once a season,” the interlocutor of the portal revealed another trick.

Nevertheless, the tourist noted that such situations are not uncommon among economy class housing, and therefore urged not to save money and choose three-star hotels that have reviews for several years. “It is best if someone from your friends advises the hotel, or gives the contacts of the landlord in the private sector,” the girl believes.

Also, the Russian woman said that she herself stayed at a hotel recommended to her by friends. Despite some disadvantages, she was satisfied with the rest. So, most of all she was pleased with the location of the hotel And the evening screening of movies. A week of accommodation cost her 30.5 thousand rubles for two.

However, the most memorable moment of the vacation for the tourist was the nature of the republic. In addition, the girl stressed that she deliberately avoided “seedy places like markets, train stations, cheap cafes on the beach,” taxi rides, and traveled only as part of organized excursions. “Going on vacation to Abkhazia, there is no need to make excessive demands and expectations,” the Russian concluded.

Earlier in September, a Russian woman had a rest in Abkhazia and did not want to return there because of one “but”. So, among the advantages of the resort, the tourist noted wide beaches, clear sea and numerous pine groves, and called rotavirus the main disadvantage.